Key Capabilities

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO provides you with the ability to control and manage real and virtual serial ports by combining and adopting different usage scenarios.

The advanced features offered by VSPD PRO include:

Creating virtual port pairs

With this option, you can create an unlimited number of virtual port pairs. The paired ports will exchange serial data in such a way that everything written to one port will immediately appear in the other one and vice versa.

Learn how to create pairs of virtual ports here.

Splitting a real serial port

This feature offers a simple way to split any real port into several virtual ones. Received by the split real port, serial data can be sent to several virtual ports and backwards.

Read more about how to split real ports here.

Joining several real ports

VSPD PRO allows joining several real ports into one virtual port. In such a bundle, data sent to any of the joined real ports will be duplicated to the virtual one and vice versa.

Learn more about joining multiple real ports to one virtual here.

Merging virtual ports

The option of merging multiple virtual ports makes it possible to create bundles of virtual ports where each of the added ports will be able to communicate data with all the other ports at a time.

More information about this option can be found here.

Creating a port switcher

With Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO you can connect several real ports to one virtual for their further automatic switching. By opening the virtual port, a serial application can get access to any joined real port and device attached to it. Several applications can open a virtual port at a time and connect to the device which is currently free. The software will help you automatically detect a free real port and assign it to the required app.

Find out more about the port switcher option here.

Redirecting serial data

VSPD PRO allows redirecting data from one real port to another real or virtual port. If your system lacks real serial ports, the software will help you create virtual ones so that you are able to easily redirect traffic from any real port to a virtual (or real) port and back.

Read more about how to add a redirected port bundle here.

Sharing a real port between multiple applications

This advanced feature supported by VSPD PRO will let you share one real port among multiple applications at a time. All applications added to a bundle will be able to communicate data with the same serial port simultaneously. Each application will think that it is working with a serial port in exclusive mode. You can control access rights of each particular application and specify serial port connection parameters (baudrate, databits etc).

Learn how to make one real port accessible to several applications here.

Creating complex bundles of serial ports

With this option you’ll be able to create port bundles joining real, virtual, and shared ports. All data may be sent to the IN side of the bundle by one port and then be split into several flows and directed to different ports. And, vice versa, traffic may come to the IN side from several ports and be joined into a single flow.

More information about working with complex port bundles can be found here.

Advanced view

Advanced view panel is a convenient tool that helps see all the port bundles created by VSPD PRO. The panel is available in the “Complex bundles” tab. You can easily edit or delete port bundles shown in the Advanced view. To edit a selected bundle, click the “Edit” button on the Toolbar or right-click the bundle name (or any bundle element) and then click “Edit” in a drop-down menu.