typedef struct _PORT_INFORMATION_EX2 {
        ULONG32 NextOffset;
        ULONG32 NameOffset;
        ULONG32 Instance;
        ULONG32 ConnectedInstance;
        ULONG32 Application;
        ULONG64 OwnerPid;
        ULONG32 TxCount;
        ULONG32 RxCount;
        SERIAL_BAUD_RATE Baudrate;
        SERIAL_LINE_CONTROL LineControl;
        VSERIAL_WIRING Wiring;
        SERIAL_HANDFLOW HandFlow;
        VSERIAL_STATE State;
        ULONG32 ApplicationCreated;
        ACCESS_LIST AccessList;


  • NextOffset

Offset to the next PORT_INFORMATION_EX structure

  • NameOffset

Offset to the name

  • Instance

Instance of the virtual serial pair

  • ConnectedInstance

Instance of remote port which is linked with current port

  • Application

Offset to the application name, which opened the port. If the value is 0, then there is no name

  • OwnerPid

Application, which opened port

  • TxCount

Number of bytes transmitted through this port

  • RxCount

Number of bytes received by this port

  • Baudrate

Instance of SERIAL_BAUD_RATE structure that holds current baudrate value

  • LineControl

Instance of SERIAL_LINE_CONTROL structure that holds current LineControl state value

  • Wiring

Instance of VSERIAL_WIRING structure that stores current signal line pinout settings

  • State

Instance of VSERIAL_STATE structure that holds current port state value

  • Handflow

Information about the configuration of the handshake flow control set for a serial device, instance of SERIAL_HANDFLOW structure

  • AccessList

List of port access procedure, instance of ACCESS_LIST structure

  • ApplicationCreated

Offset to the application name which created the port