Cargo VPN general questions

  1. What is VPN?VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The main purpose of our VPN service is to ensure your security and privacy. To do this, Cargo VPN encrypts the traffic you transmit over the network.
  2. So how does VPN work?Cargo VPN adds a new network interface which functions exactly as if you are working with a direct internet connection. However, your IP address is different, and all your traffic is encrypted. VPN enables a host computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if they are an integral part of a private network; with all the functionality, security, and management policies that private networks provide.
  3. Is BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic allowed on all servers? If not, why?The primary use of Cargo VPN is not to download torrents, but to offer online security. There are limited cases when our technical team has to subside connection speeds due to torrenting. We allow legal usage of P2P file sharing on US-California 1, Canada-Ontario, Romania, Luxembourg, and France servers.
  4. Can I use your VPN instead of my current ISP connection?Unfortunately, no. An internet connection and a VPN service are two different things. You need an existing and/or working (e.g. Cable, DSL, 3G, Satellite etc.) internet connection to be able to use Cargo VPN.
  5. What is the difference between a Proxy and a VPN service?In essence, VPN connections are much more stable and secure than proxies. Not all applications are compatible with a proxy and most require a special configuration to work with one. You don’t need any special set up for applications to work under a VPN connection.
  6. Will Cargo VPN slow down my system or internet connection?We do not decrease the connection speed for any of our users for any reason. It doesn’t matter if you are a trial user or have purchased a subscription—we will provide you the highest and maximum possible connection speed for the current conditions. However, the setting for your connection may vary because of the current workload on the selected VPN server and the distance from you to the selected VPN server.
  7. Can I increase the speed of my connection when using a VPN service?This is possible as Cargo VPN bypasses some of the throttles placed by ISPs.
  8. In what countries do you provide VPN servers?We are constantly expanding the amount of locations of our VPN servers, so you can view the latest up-to-date list from within the Cargo VPN client app.
  9. Does your app work in China?There are some technical limitations set by the Chinese government. We provide 6 VPN regions for our users in China: CA, US, UK, DE, SG, HK. Also, for a stable VPN connection we recommend using the special Eltima Wise protocols. This option is available for iOS 9 or later and macOS devices. You can enable it at Account > Network Settings (for desktop computers), or at Settings > Protocols (for mobile devices).
  10. Does Cargo VPN protect other protocols like ICQ, Mail or FTP?Once you are connected to our VPN server, all your programs use a virtual network interface which protects any app that accesses the internet from your device.
  11. I received Google’s “Suspicious sign in prevented” e-mail. Why is that?When you have an active VPN, it acts as a relay—which means you surf the internet and use web services with the VPN server’s IP address instead of your own. Google permanently monitors your IP’s geographical location; if it changes dramatically, Google will send you a warning about suspicious activity. Read more about it here.
  12. What is the Streaming region?It is a set of servers that are optimized for watching video from such services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on.
  13. Why is my virtual IP detected to be from a different country than the one I choose?Most of the geo-location services like WhatIsMyIP and SpeedTest rarely update their IP databases. That is why your virtual IP address can be detected as if it is located in a different country than the one you choose. To check out the location of our servers, please use this link. You need to input your virtual IP address in the appropriate field.