Cargo VPN technical questions

  • Are there any pre-configured VPN setup files available so I can setup VPN on my device?Cargo VPN provides Automatic Configuration files (profiles) for all supported devices, so the initial connection process is automated. This means you can kick back and don’t have to download and install profiles manually.
  • I can’t reinstall the Cargo VPN configuration file!To get you back up and running, reinstall the configuration file — you need to remove the existing Cargo VPN profile first.On iPhone/iPad:
    1. Open the application, go to Menu → Settings → Delete profile.
    2. Now install the file from scratch, following the steps of the profile installation wizard.

    On macOS:

    1. Open System Preferences → Profiles.
    2. Select Cargo VPN profile and then click ‘-‘ icon in the bottom part of the list.
    3. Now open Cargo VPN on your device. On the Account Status tab, tap the Details button and follow the instructions provided by the app.
  • I downloaded the Cargo VPN configuration file, but nothing was installed to Profiles! What should I do now?If you installed the Cargo VPN on your Mac, then the profiles were downloaded using Safari. Please open the Safari → Preferences menu. On the General tab, check that the option ‘Open “safe” files after downloading’ is enabled. After that, try to connect to any of our VPN servers to download and install the profile. You might need to restart the app.If you don’t want to enable this option, you need to open your Downloads folder and run the downloaded profile file manually.
  • Where can I find pre-configured setup files?Login to your account and tap Autosetup. The file will be loaded to your device automatically.
  • I already have another VPN software installed. Will it conflict with Cargo VPN?If you have installed another VPN software which also uses OpenVPN protocols and drivers, then you won’t be able to run both apps simultaneously. So you will have to exit from one application before running another.
    Note: some VPN applications remove OpenVPN drivers during the uninstallation process, so Cargo VPN might stop working after you delete them. To fix this issue, simply reinstall the Cargo VPN app again.
  • I connected my Apple Watch to my iPhone and now I see a VPN profile error. What should I do?You need to reinstall the Cargo VPN profile:
    1. Remove the currently installed Cargo VPN profile. For this purpose: Open the application, go to Menu → Settings → Delete profile.
    2. Try to connect to any VPN server.
    3. Follow the steps of the profile installation wizard.