Cargo VPN troubleshooting

  • iOS: Passcode requestIf you are asked for a Touch ID or a passcode confirmation during the profile installation, it is your personal data and the one you are usually using to unlock your device. Cargo VPN does not use any additional codes to install and run the app.
  • iOS: Cargo VPN app frequently asks to enter the password after an iOS updateThe issue may happen if the Cargo VPN profile was installed before the update of iOS.Please go to Home Screen → Settings → General → Profile → delete Cargo VPN profile.Then open the Cargo VPN app, choose any server and install a new profile. Try to connect again and let us know about your results.
  • iOS: ‘Premature certificate’ error on iOSThis issue may occur if the time/date settings on your device are showing the wrong year.You need to go to your iOS device Settings → General → Date & Time → select the actual date (Most importantly the year) or just turn on the switch to ‘Set Automatically’.
  • macOS: ‘Authentication failure’ errorIf you get this, please go to System Preferences → Profile → Delete Cargo VPN profile (click “-” button).Then open the Cargo VPN app → choose a server and install a new profile. After that, try to connect.If it does not help, please click on the Cargo VPN icon in the top menu bar → Available connection → choose Cargo VPN IPSec.

    Try to connect and let us know if this helps. If not, shoot us a message.

  • macOS: ‘PPTP connection failed’ errorThe issue may happen in some networks where the connection via PPTP protocol is blocked. Please click on the Cargo VPN icon in the top menu bar → Available connection → choose Cargo VPN IPSec.Try to connect and let us know if it works. If not, please contact us.
  • General: If you come across the message “You have exceeded the allowed number of devices on your account”According to our Terms and Conditions, by default you are allowed to register up to 5 devices on one account and use them all simultaneously. Users with paid subscription can delete one device per week.If you want to add a new device, first you need to delete one of already registered devices. You can manage your account personally from your Eltima office at Please go to Devices – here you can see the list of all your devices, and manage them manually.Also, you can buy additional slots for your devices at the Purchases tab.
  • General: If you are not able to send emails via email client while you are connected to our VPN server.This issue happens because of the security settings of your email client.You can try to do the following:
    1. Turn on VPN → Select server → Go to the web version of your email client, and send an email from there.
    2. You will be then asked to confirm your identity, and after that process your email client should work fine.
  • General: ‘Code 0’ or ‘System maintenance 505’This means that we have a server issue at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while trying to login and run the app.Please note that our technical specialists are currently working to solve the issue, and the service will be back available again as soon as possible.Please try to login again in a few hours and let us know if there are still any issues.