Work with Cargo VPN

  • How to set up a VPN connection?Open Cargo VPN on your device. Login to your account or create a new one, and select the required VPN server.
  • How to check that I already have an active VPN connection?If you have successfully completed installation of Cargo VPN configuration files, then you will see a VPN icon in the status bar of your device next to the active internet connection icon on iOS devices and in the upper right part of the status bar of your Mac.
  • I installed Cargo VPN on my Mac, but now I can’t find it!No worries!The VPN Unlimited icon is located in the status bar—in the upper right corner of your Mac desktop. Left click it to view the application options.
  • How to view my remaining subscription/trial period?macOS: In the application, open the Subscription tab and view the remaining subscription/trial time.09-uiPurchases

    iOS: In the application, view the remaining subscription/trial time at the bottom of the main screen.

    remaining subscription

  • Can I set a password to lock the application?macOS: Yes, you can enable the password protection on the Account tab by switching the Password Protection ON.password protection

    iOS: Yes, you can enable the password protection by just switching Remember Password OFF. This way, you will have to enter your password each time you want to sign in to the application.

    remember password