How to disable the generation of files preview?

Up to macOS 10.15, CloudMounter managed to disable the generation of files preview on the mounted drives. However, with the release of macOS10.15 Catalina, it is no longer possible for the app to perform this option due to Apple’s innovations. This leads to the fact that when you go to the folder located on any mounted drive media files begin to download. We are currently working on this issue, meanwhile, the workaround is the following:

1. In Finder, invoke View Options in the mode in which the user is working by one of this method:

  • using the menu item View → Options;
  • in the context menu Show View Options;
  • hotkey CMD+J.

2. In the window that appears, disable the “Show icon preview” checkbox.

CM setting preview

Note: Unfortunately, this will disable the preview on all drives/folders in Finder, including local drives as well.

3. Use Commander One. Mount connections via the app to avoid this issue. Please note, that it is a paid app and if you do not have it, we provide our users with a 50% discount.