How to edit text in SWF movie

Flash Decompiler enables you to convert SWF file to FLA file, and also enables you to choose the mode of text conversion within the resulting FLA file.

We are glad to inform you that both dynamic and static texts can be edited with Flash Decompiler Trillix for Windows without Adobe Flash now.

However if you want to edit Static text in Adobe Flash for some reason, do the following: open your SWF file in Flash Decompiler, click “Convert” button at the Ribbon. Go to “Conversion options” tab now. Choose “Text” tab. Uncheck the “Convert static text into shapes” option and check “Place text into library” option.

In case the original text contains non-English characters it is recommended to play with “Force ANSI encoding” settings. Now press “Convert” button. As a result the output FLA file will preserve the text as text so that you can then edit it in Adobe Flash.