How to replace SWF elements

Follow these steps:

  1. To replace some SWF element, make sure that it is present in the tree on the “My Tasks” list. If it is, then switch to “Edit” tab, then select “Images” (if you wish to replace image or other type of objects available for replacement).
  2. Now scroll the section with all images of your SWF file to find the one you want to replace. Click it and in “Image properties” window that is under the images list, click “open” button (with folder image on it). Browse the directories to find an image which you want to appear in your SWF file instead a current one. Click “Open” in order to place the new image to your SWF file.
  3. If your version of Flash Decompiler is registered you will be able to save the modified SWF file. If you have Demo, you will receive the message that you can’t apply changes on clicking this button.