How will you deliver the product I order?

When you order a product by Eltima Software you get it immediately and electronically. Electronic delivery means that you are sent an email with a link to the software download and a license info to register a software. If you order with wire transfer/check or cash payment option, the delivery is made when we get the money. If you order via Plimus, it will take us some time to generate and send the license manually, because this billing operator doesn’t have an automated license generation mechanism.

  • As a rule, the download links forward to a trial version setup, because most of our software is a shareware and in order to get full version you have to download a Trial version and register it. If you already have a trial version installed on your computer, there is no need to uninstall it. You can simply enter the license information into the trial version even if its period expired. In some cases you are provided with a different setup that a Trial version (ActiveX Controls and some other) and sometimes you will be sent a ZIP attachment to the email (Java/SWING Library).
  • A license info is a unique combination of your registration name and a registration code. For some products (e.g. software for mobile devices) a license code is generated for a hardware ID of a specific device. Single and Personal licenses are generated for an end-user First and Last Name. Site, Company and OEM licenses are generated for a Company name. It is very important that you enter the registration info exactly as you get it in an email. Changing/adding/deleting any character in a name or code will prevent you from correct registration.
  • To find the place where to enter the license code refer to the application User Manual which always goes along with all our software. The option is usually called “Enter registration code” or “Change license type”. On Windows it is usually in the application Help menu, on Mac you should go to the Main Menu of the program (top left corner of the screen).

If you order a Backup CD, our online reseller will burn a setup and a license info to the CD and send it to your physical address in an envelope. After you get it, you have to follow the same procedure: installing the software from a CD, entering the registration name and code that will be on a CD and use the software as full. In fact, having a backup CD is more useful for back-uping purposes than for installation.

Are there any shipping/delivery costs?

There is no shipping cost if you choose electronic delivery. You will be e-mailed a license key and the software download link.
If you order a CD, it will cost you additionally USD 19.95 (including shipping cost). These CD’s are burned on demand and shipped to your physical address in an envelope. The CD content is exactly the same as the file download from our website. A Backup CD can be removed from your cart if you want to avoid shipping costs. You will get the software by email in any case.

Tip: If we release a new major version, we never host old versions of the software. So, if you plan to reinstall the software in future, you might discover that your old license key doesn’t work for the most up-to-date version form the website link. In this case a backup CD will be extremely helpful because it contains the installer and the license of the same version.