How soon will I get the license after the order?

How soon you get the license depends on many factors: the purchase service you used, the payment method you selected and the license type you ordered.

Usually, the license information is sent to the licensee once the payment is received. In some cases, the order can be put off for manual verification and the license delivery procedure may take some more time.

In case the product you ordered is sent as a ZIP attachment or the license is sent out manually, you might have to wait for our Order Processing Dpt. to do the job. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences you might experience because of this.

If you order a Backup CD or a Backup USB Flash Drive

It is delivered to you within several days by standard post service in an envelop. The CD or USB Flash Drive is sent to the physical address which is entered into the Address form. The promptness of delivery depends on the country you are in and internal postal service schedule. If you have a question regarding the Backup CD or Backup USB Flash Drive delivery, contact our e-commerce reseller that processed your order (cleverbridge AG, 2Checkout or FastSpring).

An order conformation email usually contains a download link to the software and a license key which is to be entered into the software to get it unlocked. Most of our software is shareware, i.e. you enter the license key into the trial version, so if you already have a Trial version installed, just enter the registration infromation into it (usually you should go to the main menu of the application and locate “Enter registration code” or “Change license type” option).

All you have to do in the case you download the installer from the web, is to launch the setup file and then register it with the registration key to get full version. You can also re-install the software anytime using the download links on the website. All the recent builds can be found on the Eltima official website.

If you have doubts regarding the delivery time and if timely delivery is important for you, we recommend you consult with the Eltima Sales Team in advance. If you’ve already purchased but haven’t got a registration info to your email, check your spam folder and contact Eltima Support Team.


  1. ActiveX controls are not shareware: you have to download and install a special build for each license type.
  2. Some products (like Java library) are sent as the zipped package by email. Make sure your email settings allow attachments.