My registration key doesn’t work

Most often reason for the problem you have described is that users don’t enter the registration info correctly. Please enter your registration info again and pay special attention to several important points:

  1. Make sure that there are no excessive spaces before/after your registration name/code when entering them into the corresponding fields. Those might have been introduced by the mail client you use.
  2. There should only be letters, digits and dashes in your code. We recommend to execute Copy and Paste operations when entering your registration info.
  3. It often happens that e-mail client breaks the string into 2 rows or introduces excessive gaps. Please make sure that the registration code you enter is a single sting of letters, digits and dashes.
  4. We can also recommend copying the code into some text processor (Notepad, MS Word, etc.) to shrink the text so that the whole code fits on one line making sure that all spaces are eliminated.

If you still fail to register

Please send the following information to our Customer Support:

  • a screenshot (hit Alt+PrintScreen and then paste the image into the MS Word document or Paint file) of the registration window with your Reg Name and Reg Key entered (but before you click “Ok” button) – so that the FULL KEY is visible – you can make two screenshots to achieve that;
  • a screenshot of this product About screen;
  • your order ID (reference number) for the product you ordered (the one you have received in order confirmation e-mail from one of our e-commerce resellers: cleverbridge AG; 2Checkout).