SDK License. Short Description.

General Information.

Licensor grants Licensee a non-exclusive right to install and Use the SDK for the purposes described in the Documentation under the following conditions:

  • SDK may be installed and used by Licensee for business, commercial and money-earning purposes;
  • The SDK’s Design-Time Mode can be deployed by any number of Licensee’s developers on any number of Licensee’s compatible systems;
  • under the SDK license, the SDK redistributable package may be incorporated into Licensee Product which is or will be sold/marketed by Licensee;
  • Licensee may not electronically transfer/share the SDK to/with its third party manufacturing and service partners/contractors, UNLESS in order to incorporate the SDK redistributable package into Licensee Product, in cases when the manufacturing process requires the work contribution of Licensee’s third party manufacturing and service partners/contractors prior to launching/distributing Licensee Product(s) to End-Users. Once such third party partners/contractors completed their assignments, Licensee shall ensure that they destroy all copies of the SDK;
  • Licensee or its third party manufacturing and service partners may electronically distribute the SDK’s Run-Time Mode ONLY AS an integral part of or incorporated into Licensee Product;
  • This SDK license shall not be royalty-free, i.e. the Licensee shall pay licensing fees per integration of SDK into each Licensee Product;
  • This SDK License does not include any license/rights to use SDK’s source code (machine code) except for the samples illustrating how to use Licensor’s technology in Licensee Product;
  • This SDK License does not include redistribution or customization rights on the GUI which you can see in the demo and paid (licensed) versions of Licensor’s proprietary Virtual Serial Port Driver software product. Therefore, Licensee shall write its own interface if that is needed for the project.

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