OEM License for 1 Developer. Short Description.

  1. The Licensee may install and use the Software for commercial purposes and in business environment for in-house software development purposes.
  2. Only one developer may utilize the Software. The License is generated for a developer’s personal name.
  3. The Licensee may install and use only one copy of the Software on only one operating system.
  4. The Software under this License may be incorporated into software and hardware projects sold by the Licensee.
  5. The Licensee may not distribute the development kit for the Software to end-users. The Software may be distributed to end-users only as a compiled setup.
  6. This License cannot be used by the Licensee to develop a software application that would compete with products marketed by the Licensor.
  7. This License is royalty-free. That means that a development version of the Software is for a fee, but the Licensee does not need to pay a fee per every order of his product built or assembled with or using the Licensor’s technology.
  8. This License entitles the Licensee to the unlimited redistribution of the Licensor’s technology as a part of the Licensee’s product. The Licensee is not obliged to specify that Eltima Software framework is used in his software.

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