Support Operator Agreement. General Statements.

  1. An active Support Operator Agreement entitles Support Operator to install and use USB Network Gate to remotely support his clients during the coverage period.
  2. Under this Agreement, USB Network Gate can be installed on Support Operator’s system (-s), as well as on his clients’ system (-s), for remote testing, debugging, troubleshooting, etc. of USB devices shared on his clients’ system (-s).
  3. The number of allowed installations, as well as the number of USB devices to be shared simultaneously, may vary and should be discussed separately with Eltima Sales Dpt.
  4. Registration is required for USB Network Gate server module only, used for USB devices sharing on the clients’ systems. USB Network Gate client module, installed on Support Operator’s system (-s), does not require registration.
  5. After the license purchase, Support Operator gets registration key (-s) according to the number of clients who need to install USB Network Gate on their systems for USB devices sharing.
  6. The coverage period may vary depending on Support Operator’s needs and may constitute 30, 60 or 120 days.
  7. Support Operator License model for USB Network Gate depends on the coverage period, the number of clients and the number of USB devices to be shared simultaneously. Contact Eltima Sales Dpt. ( to calculate the licensing model and to get the official Quote.
  8. To renew Support Operator Agreement, contact Eltima Sales Dpt. (
  9. Each instance of USB Network Gate, covered by active Support Operator Agreement, is entitled to get free email support from Eltima Customer Service during the specified coverage period. Support is provided via email ( in English during Central European Time business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Response time by email is 16 hours.