How to add redirection pair?



The main feature Advanced COM Port Redirector provides is creation of additional (virtual) serial ports and redirection of all data sent to and from one real port to another. Once this redirection pair is created you may work with created virtual COM port the same way as with the real one.

For instance, you may install expansion card (USB-to-COM, etc.) that was assigned to COM9 by operating system. However, the software that should communicate with the device on COM9 could be configured to COM1-COM4 only. Currently COM1 and COM2 serial ports are occupied, therefore, theoretically, you may use COM3 and COM4, but they are not available. That is the situation where Advanced COM Port Redirector comes in handy to bring you a piece of mind.

To create serial port redirection pair, please, follow the steps below:

    • IN the first field (“In port”) of Management pane select the port name you would like to redirect data stream from (regarding to example above, select COM9).

    • At the second field (“Out port”) select the port name you want to redirect to (for instance, COM3)

    • Click Add pair or select “Redirection pairs” -> “Add” from Main Menu

    • If redirection pair was successfully created you will see it in System explorer

Once you have created COM9<->COM3 redirection pair, your software could send data to COM3 port and it will be redirected to COM9.