What’s New in This Version of Application as Service

Application As Service Version History

Application as Service 4.0
Build 4.0.160 [Released: April 29, 2011]

Added: choice of user session (including RDP session) in which interactive service should be started – for Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 and Server 2008
Added: interactive services can be created under user account
Added: possibility to start the service after the network is fully initialized
Added: possibility to overwrite the output file every time the service is started
Added: ‘Update’ command for OEM users – possibility to update parameters without service reinstallation
Added: info on kernel drivers can be viewed in Services list
Added: support of non-standard windows and buttons displayed by the service (“Close window” tab)
Added: in case the service has running dependencies, the list of them is shown when the service is stopped
Added: possibility to check for updates automatically
Improved: service creation and management over the network. Application as Service is not required on the remote PC.
Much simplified: start of interactive services on Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008 due to the possibility to choose user session
Improved: correct service termination (graceful shutdown)
Improved: the number of symbols is unlimited when setting variable’s value
Improved: settings in “Run additionally” and “Close windows” tabs are now editable
Improved: “Create service” window is invoked at service creation failure to be able to correct settings at once
Fixed: issue when users from Power Users group failed to manage services via console commands
Fixed: rare cases of service failure when stopped
Fixed: failure of service start caused by spaces in the path

Application as Service 3.0
Build [Released: September 22, 2008]

  • Added: “Graceful shutdown” and “Close windows” commands work for non-interactive applications now
  • Fixed: it was impossible to use “Graceful shutdown” and “Close windows” options for interactive services
  • Fixed: bug with password removing while updating service with user login and password
  • Fixed: several bugs and glitches

Application as Service 3.0
Build [Released: August 28, 2008]

  • Improved: window parameters are now applied for console applications when “Console Program Stop” option is enabled
  • Improved: the name of the application is now always shown in the header of the launched console applications
  • Improved: “Program Parameters” field now correctly holds single quotation marks

Application as Service 3.0
Build [Released: April 23, 2008]

  • Improved: console applications launch
  • Fixed: several minor bugs and glitches

Application as Service 3.0
Build [Released: April 7, 2008]

  • Improved: overall stability
  • Fixed: minor bug with parameters setting in flap detection
  • Fixed: several bugs and glitches

Application as Service 3.0
Build [Released: March 18, 2008]

  • Improved: internal protection mechanism
  • Fixed: some stability issues
  • Fixed: several bugs and glitches

Application as Service 3.0
Build [Released: March 4, 2008]

  • Application as Service 3.0 has been totally redesigned. Now it has a completely new, more flexible and user-friendly program interface
  • User interface has been greatly simplified: now you can create and manage system services within several clicks
  • Application as Service 3.0 is completely compatible with Windows Vista
  • Added: ability to manage services (create, start, edit, delete) on remote PC over local network or Internet
  • Added: manage various pop-up windows (close windows, press buttons) that your application might display
  • Added: run additional programs prior to the service startup, program start, stop or just after the service shutdown
  • Added: easily track all program’s activity in the new “Activity log”
  • Improved: “Services list” panel is enhanced greatly
  • Improved: close your Windows and console applications with refreshed “Graceful shutdown” feature
  • Improved: run your service at the exact time and periodically on the defined day of the week/month/year with totally enhanced Schedule
  • Improved: multi-processors support
  • Several critical enhancements
  • Fixed: some stability issues
  • Fixed: several bugs and glitches

Application as Service 2.0
Build [Released: September 28, 2006]

  • Added: Service will shutdown the application whenever Windows shutdown event is received
  • Fixed: Several minor bugs

Application as Service 2.0
Build [Released: June 9, 2006]

  • Fixed: Command line installation issues

Application as Service 2.0

  • Totally rewritten version