Application as Service Redistribution

Service installation

For invisible integration of Application as Service into your program, complete the following steps:

  1. Add app2srv.exe file into your installation package.
  2. Copy this file to your installation directory along with other files of your software.
  3. Register Application as Service on the target PC with the registration info that you receive after purchasing the OEM License. To register, please, use REG instruction:app2srv REG “Name” “Code”

    “Name” stands for your registration name and “Code” stands for your registration code you get after the purchase. Note that you can register Application as Service from the command line only if you own the OEM License.

  4. Now, register your service using the following installation parameters – all of them can be seen in the GUI version (app2srvUI.exe) of our software in “Command Line” field.For example:
    app2srv.exe INSTALL /SN=”calc” /PM=”c:WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe” /WD=”c:\WINDOWS\system32″ /ID1 /DISP=”calc”

    For more examples of command line parameters please see Command line parameters description page.

  5. Start the service. You can do it using START or STARTALL commands. You can also start services using Service Control Manager (SCM) or any other software able to accomplish this.

Stopping service

Stop the service using app2srv STOP or STOPALL commands.

Service uninstallation

Do the following to remove the service from the target system:

  1. Uninstall the service using app2srv UNINSTALL or UNINSTALLALL commands.
  2. Delete app2srv.exe file.