Schedule Tab

This tab lets you run your application (either periodically or just once) at the particular time of the day, day of the week or on the particular date. It is very useful for administration. You can add several scheduled tasks which will cooperate with each other.

To add a new record, tick the corresponding checkboxes and click “Add” button.

All parameters are optional. The list of parameters is the following:

  1. Start time from … to …

    Here you can specify the interval of time when the application will be started. For instance, if you specify the start time from 17:00 to 21:00, it means that the application will be launched from 5 PM till 9 PM local time.

  2. Stop time

    This is a 24-hour formatted time string indicating when the application will halt. For instance, 00:00 means that the application will be stopped at 12 AM local time.

  3. Start anytime

    This option starts the application anytime according to the time condition.
    Note, that “Start anytime” option should be used along with a certain date, week day or day of the month.

  4. Periodically

    This option defines the time when your application, which is launched as service, is started or stopped periodically.

  5. Daily

    Here you can specify certain days of the week on which the application is run or stopped. By default, the application is allowed to run on any day of the week.

  6. Monthly

    This option defines whether the application should run or stop monthly between several days or on a certain day.

Use “Delete” img to delete or “Up”/”Down” img buttons to move the selected record to the top/bottom.

Note: Remember that “Restart the program after” option in “Advanced” tab impacts on the schedule. In other words, if your scheduled application is launched several times (if there are two “Start from” tasks in the schedule, for example), enable “Restart the program after” option for successful schedule proceeding. Moreover, your scheduled application will be launched the second time according to schedule, not to “Restart the program” value. If “Restart the program after” is disabled, the second task in schedule will not be proceeded.