Folx 2.x PRO Version Benefits

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Folx is available in two versions – Free and PRO.

Free version of Folx lets you download any files via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP at the highest speed possible. Folx supports auto-resuming transfers, splitting downloads in two threads, smart folder organization and much more. What we’ve added to Free version of Folx is the ability to download from torrent networks!
Folx PRO gives you even more downloading possibilities in comparison with Free version of Folx:
  • With PRO version you can search for any content available at torrent trackers: files, videos, music – just anything – directly from Folx interface! You will find this feature very useful because you don’t need to browse the web to find a torrent tracker site and to look for the required .torrent file there anymore. Folx searches wide torrent trackers list at the very same moment. Just type in the word in Folx Search window and Folx will find the required file for you.
  • Moreover, in PRO version you don’t have to lower Folx download/upload speed manually each time you need to work with Internet applications. In Folx PRO this process is automated. “Smart speed adjustment” permits to lower Folx download/upload speed automatically if there is Internet traffic from a browser or another application. So you can surf Internet with satisfactory speed while Folx is doing its job.
  • In PRO version you can schedule your downloads – set the time to start and finish them, and decide whether to shut the system down, switch to sleeping mode or quit Folx once downloads are completed.
  • In PRO version you can split your downloads in up to ten threads. Multiple threads make download speed substantially higher.
  • With PRO version, downloaded videos/music can be transferred into iTunes playlists automatically, if iTunes integration is assigned to the tag.
  • With PRO version you do not need to manually download files, attached to RSS feeds. Folx will do it automatically – either all files or only files which match the filter.

How do I get Folx PRO?

    • Visit our web site;
    • Choose “Buy PRO Version” option from Folx main menu.

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