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Folx by Eltima Software is a free powerful download manager for Mac OS X. Folx is a multifunctional program, which gives you a totally new level of download possibilities:


  1. Benefit from efficient files organization – smart tag system. With Folx you can tag your tasks, which are sorted and categorized by tags automatically. Moreover, your downloads can immediately be found via Spotlight simply type a search query in Spotlight field.
  2. Your downloads are split into multiple threads processed simultaneously, which makes download speed substantially higher. Also, Folx provides auto-resuming transfers, which will make you forget about frustrating info losses. Folx does not delete a partially downloaded file, which lets you automatically resume the download after connection break, download error or Folx re-launch.
  3. With Folx you can download any file via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP just in several clicks. Folx also permits to download files if you are connected to Internet via Proxy server.
  4. You can use Folx as a torrent client to download torrent files. For maximum effect, you can set torrent download preferences, enable seeding, trackerless support and local peer discovery, and much more. And that is all for free! Moreover, now you can search for the required torrents directly from the application (PRO version).
  5. It’s easy to add a new download task. Besides, Folx gives you careful management of your tasks: add Spotlight comments to downloads, prioritize tasks, edit them, get Growl notifications, and get access to main Folx options via convenient Status window.
  6. To make your downloads even more trouble-free, Folx proposes great option – “Smart speed adjustment” (PRO version), which optimizes Folx download/upload speed during your Internet activity in another application or browser. Whenever you need to use Internet, Folx PRO will automatically lower download/upload speed in order not to interfere with your work.
  7. Too busy to download right now? Schedule your tasks with Folx! Set the time to start and finish your downloads, and decide whether to shut the system down, switch to sleeping mode or quit Folx once downloads are completed (PRO version).

Main Features:

  • Folx is 2-in-1: a torrent client and a download manager
  • torrents search directly from Folx PRO
  • download any file via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
  • RSS subscription directly from Folx interface
  • possibility to download files, attached to RSS feeds, either manually (Free) or automatically (PRO)
  • unlimited number of active tasks
  • support of drag-and-drop
  • automatic capture of download links
  • high download speed
  • smart speed adjustment PRO
  • auto-resuming file transfer
  • split downloads in two threads
  • split downloads in up to ten threads PRO
  • seeding of torrents stops automatically when specified ratio is reached, set either for certain task or globally
  • tagging and arrangement of downloaded files
  • automatic tags assignment to download tasks
  • smart groups make browsing through tasks easier
  • color labeling of tags in Tags list and tasks in Downloads list
  • tasks prioritization
  • convenient scheduler PRO
  • Folx can be run in the background after its launch
  • handy Status window
  • iTunes integration PRO
  • Spotlight integration
  • Growl integration

PRO version benefits:

1. Torrents search directly from the application

With PRO version you can search for any content available at torrent trackers directly from Folx interface. You will find this feature very useful because you do not need any more to browse the web to find a torrent tracker site and to look for the required .torrent file at the site. Just type in the word in Folx Search window and Folx will find the required file for you.

2. Smart speed adjustment

In PRO version you don’t have to lower Folx download/upload speed manually each time you need to work with Internet applications. “Smart speed adjustment” lowers Folx download/upload speed automatically if there is Internet traffic from a browser or another application.

3. Convenient scheduler

In PRO version you can schedule your downloads – set the time to start and finish them, and decide whether to shut the system down, switch to sleeping mode or quit Folx once downloads are completed.

4. Multi-thread downloads

With PRO version, you can split your downloads in up to ten threads which makes your downloading process much faster.

5. iTunes integration
With PRO version, downloaded videos/music can be transferred into iTunes playlists automatically, if iTunes integration is assigned to the tag.

6. Download files from RSS feeds automatically

With PRO version you do not need to manually download files, attached to RSS feeds. Folx will do it automatically – either all files or only files which match the filter.

7. Assign tags to tasks automatically

Folx lets PRO version users enable automatic assignment of tags to tasks. It permits to organize your tasks more easily and to spend less time searching for files, downloaded with Folx.

To benefit from all these amazing Folx options and more, acquire PRO version of the program.

Supported OS versions:

  • Mac OS X 10.4
  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Mac OS X 10.7
  • Mac OS X 10.8

The list of browsers Folx integrates into:

    • Opera
    • Firefox
    • Flock
    • WebKit browsers (Safari, OmniWeb, Sunrise, Shiira, iCab, Fluid, Camino)

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