Folx 2.x for macOS Known Issues

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Below is the list of known situations that are likely to cause problems in application work, and are not applicable reasons for refund:

  1. Folx plugin cannot be disabled for Firefox using these ways:
    • Via Status bar menu (“Disable Folx Plugin” option);
    • in Folx Preferences (“Use Folx to catch download links in browsers” option).

    However, you can disable Folx plugin for Firefox choosing one of the following ways:

    • Right-click any empty space on Firefox page and choose “Disable Folx Plugin” from context menu;
    • disable Folx plugin via Firefox menu: Tools –-> Add-ons –-> Extensions.
  2. Folx plugin cannot be disabled from Safari 5.1 right-click menu.
  3. Setting days is not possible for auto launch by schedule on Tiger.

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