Manage the movie

Movie Manipulation panel permits managing SWF file, added to Flash Decompiler and displayed in Player.

Movie Manipulation panel consists of the following elements:

  •     Play/Pause button

Play/Pause button lets you play or pause the file, currently displayed in Player.

  •     Frames slider

Frames slider allows previewing the SWF file, selected by the user, in a frame-by-frame mode. The figures above the slider show the number of the frame selected and the total number of frames.

  •     Zoom slider

Drag Zoom slider to diminish/extend the size of a Flash movie. The movie size is shown in percent.

  button lets you change the background colour. This option is also available from Main menu –> View –> Change movie background color.

  button enables/disables dragging mode.

  button permits adjusting the Flash movie to the screen.

  button zooms the Flash movie to its original size.