Flash file options

This group of options allows customizing resulting FLA file workplace to suite your needs.

  • File format
    This option specifies the format of the resulting FLA file. You may force it to Adobe MX ("force Flash MX" option), Adobe MX 2004 ("force Flash MX 2004" option) or Adobe Flash 8 ("force Flash 8"). Alternatively, you may allow automatic resulting FLA format detection ("autodetect"). If you have chosen "autodetect" then MX 2004 FLA format will be used only if this file contains ActionScript 2.0 inside. As opposite, if file doesn’t contain AS 2.0 then the resulting file will be saved in MX format.
  • SWF version
    Choose which SWF file version Adobe will convert (compile) this FLA. You may specify it explicitly ("Flash Player 4", "Flash Player 5", "Flash Player 6", "Flash Player 7" and "Flash Player 8"), set it equal to selected FLA format ("same as FLA") or preserve the original SWF file version ("keep original").
  • Open converted FLA
    If the option is enabled the resulting FLA file will be automatically opened in the application that associated with FLA file extension after conversion. By default it is Adobe Flash.