Flash Decompiler Trillix for Mac OS – Introduction

In today’s growing Internet business environment there is a tremendous need for interactive, dynamic and professional solutions to attract as many clients as possible. Eltima Software is proud to represent Flash Decompiler Trillix (former “SWF to FLA converter for MAC”), which has totally revamped engine and completely new interface.

Flash Decompiler Trillix enables you to convert Adobe Flash SWF files back into FLA format that can be edited in native Flash environment. Every group of objects such as morphs, shapes, texts, fonts, motions, sounds, ActionScripts, etc. could be placed in separate FLA library groups, which makes using and viewing the resulting FLA file much easier.

Moreover in addition to SWF to FLA conversion, Flash Decompiler can extract all objects (images, sounds, video, shapes, text, morphs, ActionScripts, etc) used in SWF files into various file formats just in several clicks.

Additionally, you may customize FLA file workspace by enabling/disabling grids, rulers; specifying grid accuracy and so on. Every morph or shape can be placed on different layers to make sure that masks layers are working properly. Flash Decompiler Trillix is the only Mac OS tool to export the whole SWF movie in FLA format that supports Flash MX and ActionScript 2.0.

Several reasons why you may need Flash Decompiler Trillix:

Restore your original FLA file from SWF in case you have lost it

No matter how sadly it is to say, but nobody is protected from human errors and hardware faults. In case you should ever lose your original FLA files you may easily restore them from available SWF files using Eltima’s Flash Decompiler Trillix, thereby saving you time and efforts to develop or modify your Flash movies.

Make changes to SWF file when you don’t have its source code (original FLA file)

Once your artwork is converted to SWF file it cannot be edited in Adobe Flash Studio (the same as with executable files). To be able to make changes to SWF you must have its original source code. Eltima’s Flash Decompiler Trillix OS allows you to extract all resources from SWF and save them in FLA file which is editable. Now, you can easily change Flash objects (modify text or hyperlink, replace sound/image, etc.) and convert it back to SWF file.

Modify protected SWF file

If you forgot the password to your SWF file it is not a problem any longer. Flash Decompiler Trillix bypasses this protection mechanism while decompiling SWF file resources. Once you have converted it to FLA you can set new protection in your favorite Flash editor. Please, note that some SWF files may be copyrighted.

Improve your designer’s skills by learning from others

Rather than trying duplicate or reinvent dazzling animation effects you may find on the net, you may pick into the SWF source code (FLA) to find out how exactly those effects were created and achieve greater results you can’t even think of.

Full features list:

  • The only all-in-one converter and extractor from SWF into FLA for Mac

  • Very simple and fast few-clicks SWF to FLA decompilation

  • New flexible and more convenient user friendly program interface with intellectual, fully customizable controls

  • Flash Decompiler Trillix combines both: SWF to FLA conversion and SWF objects extraction using various formats

  • Unique SWF conversion algorithms make this program the most reliable and fastest way to restore Flash objects from SWF

  • All the objects used in SWF file can be easily extracted into different file formats for further editing and using them in other applications

  • Flash Decompiler Trillix offers Advanced and Simple program mode for your convenience

  • “Manage Flash Components” dialog to centralize and simplify Flash Components management

  • Over 50 options available to extract sounds, images, videos, shapes, frames, morphs, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites and ActionScripts with the great accuracy

  • All Flash versions (prior to Flash 9 format) supported for decompilation (converted FLA files are editable starting with Flash MX)

  • Provides ability to extract every object into a separate layer

  • Group SWF objects (text/motion/sound/ActionScripts, etc.) into a separate library entry for better representation

  • Specify folder’s name for each FLA library

  • Sophisticated morphs conversion algorithms are supported to ensure that all frames are correctly extracted

  • Extract Flash objects from protected SWF files

  • Unique correction settings presets to help in resolving issues with file conversion

  • Customize resulting FLA project to better suite your needs (enable/disable grids, rulers, advanced snapping options, etc.)

  • On-screen detailed conversion parameters description

  • Professionally selected default conversion settings help you achieve the best results

 Note: Demo version imposes the following limitations:

  • All graphics are stored in grayscale format only

  • The resulting FLA file will have nag watermark layer

  • ActionScripts are not available in resulting FLA files

  • Extraction will only process two first objects from each SWF category

Supported MAC OS versions: 10.4 or higher