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Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.3
Build 5.3.1400 [Released: January 8, 2015]

  • Added: support for LZMA-compressed SWF files
  • Improved: support for the newest Adobe Flash Professional versions – CS6 and CC (2013 and 2014)
  • Fixed: bug with opening SWF files generated for Adobe Flash Player v.11.2 and higher
  • Update: Flash Decompiler installer includes fresh version of Adobe Flash Player
  • Update: demo version limitations changed – ActionScript is not included at all in the resulting files and is not displayed in GUI in demo version
  • Update: Save Flash Movie tool is not supported anymore and is not included in Flash Decompiler installer

Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.3
Build 5.3.1370 [Released: October 17, 2011]

  • Added: decompilation of SWF files embedded into a SWF file as binary data (nested SWF files)
  • Added: basic conversion of SWF files with a standard Flash preloader (e.g. files with TLF texts)
  • Added: Adobe Flash Professional CS 5.5 support
  • Update: since this version, Flash Decompiler Trillix doesn’t support Windows 2000

Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.2
Build 5.2.1160 [Released: May 12, 2011]

  • Added: basic decompilation of Adobe AIR applications
  • Added: decompilation of Flash projects compiled in Flex 4
  • Greatly improved: Flex 3 support (including states, effects, etc.)
  • Fixed: incorrect behavior of “Open file/folder after conversion” option when applied to SWF to Flex conversion

Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.1
Build 5.1.1140 [Released: February 24, 2011]

  • Added: Flash files conversion into Adobe Flash CS5 file format (.xfl – XML-based FLA)
  • Added: possibility to export tags and other Dump View tree components into a text file
  • Improved: SWF to FLA conversion process is substantially faster now
  • Improved: application startup takes even less time now
  • Improved: structuring of tag tree in Dump View is quicker now
  • Fixed: methods and variables loss during data bindings detection (SWF to Flex conversion)
  • Fixed: incorrect generation of return statement inside constructor in ActionScript
  • Fixed: incorrect priority of binary arithmetic operators (+, -) in ActionScript 3.0
  • Fixed: incorrect initialization of constants in ActionScript 3.0
  • Fixed: some issues with setting text positioning and bounding box size when editing texts
  • Update: conversion options are now applied to extraction of SWF objects into FLA. Is useful when you need to set some additional FLA options, like FLA format version.

Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.0
Build 5.0.1060 [Released: November 26, 2010]

  • Added: unique Dump Viewer to see the detailed SWF file content – full tree is available for Business licenses only
  • Added: support of “Binary” tag in SWF elements tree
  • Added: multiple instances of Flash Decompiler can be run at a time to compare several SWF files
  • Added: possibility to check for updates automatically
  • Improved: preview of edited SWF files prior to saving changes
  • Improved: data binding support in Flex files
  • Fixed: functionality loss by some custom Flash components after SWF to FLA conversion
  • Fixed: partial loss of ActionScript assigned to some buttons after SWF to FLA conversion

Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.2
Build [Released: May 28, 2010]

GUI and core

  • Added: possibility to copy data displayed in “Tag information” panel to clipboard
  • Added: search in particular script via Ctrl+F keys combination
  • Added: warning message if a SWF file doesn’t satisfy Adobe SWF File Format Specification
  • Added: fixing mechanism for some SWF files that do not satisfy Adobe SWF File Format Specification
  • Added: Romanian localization
  • Fixed: bug with scripts highlighting in preview window
  • Fixed: irrelevant state of “Play” button in Main player window
  • Fixed: application crash while replacing mp3 sounds in some cases

SWF to FLA conversion

  • Fixed: incorrect rendering of “Blending” parameter with detection of motion tweens enabled
  • Fixed: incorrect number of frames on the timeline in resulting FLA
  • Fixed: incorrect detection of FLA version in some cases
  • Fixed: conversion issue with components’ event handlers in SWF files with AS 2.0
  • Fixed: incorrect text positioning while converting static text as text
  • Fixed: issue with video conversion if it was placed on mask layer

SWF to Flex conversion

  • Added: Flex locales support
  • Fixed: incorrect detection of SWF file background color


  • Added: P-code preview for AS 3.0
  • Added: support of Adobe Flash CS4 (v10) “vector” generics
  • Improved: “Recover arguments’ names” option functionality (doesn’t apply to AS 3.0 now)
  • Fixed: duplication of class members in AS 2.0
  • Fixed: bug with AS conversion in Macromedia Flash 4 if variable’s name started with digit
  • Fixed: incorrect conversion of “for each”, “try”, “switch” statements and “increment” operator
  • Fixed: incorrect order of additional classes and interfaces in AS 3.0
  • Fixed: incorrect detection of a packet name if a class implements interface

Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.1
Build [Released: October 14, 2009]

  • Added: basic XML expression support for AS 3.0
  • Added: “if .. else if” statement support
  • Improved: “if” and “switch” statements parsing for AS 1.0
  • Improved: namespace support for AS 3.0
  • Improved: AS 3.0 classes are extracted into files, named exactly as class names (without “class” prefix)
  • Fixed: bug with mask layers during SWF to FLA conversion
  • Fixed: bug with “Ignore case” option in ActionScript search

Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.1
Build [Released: August 20, 2009]

  • Added: fscommand2 support for AS 1.0/Flash Lite
  • Added: Nice local variable initialization for AS 3.0
  • Added: partial E4X (ECMAScript for XML) syntax support (addressing attributes via @) for AS 3.0
  • Improved: AS decoder stability for obfuscated files
  • Interface improvements
  • Fixed: URL duplication in URL-editor
  • Fixed: bug with video and dynamic texts during SWF to FLA conversion
  • Fixed: bug with default arguments for AS 3.0
  • Fixed: priority of % && || operators for АS 1.0
  • Fixed: no braces in some settings of Action Scripts preview
  • Multiple fixes and improvements in FLA engine

Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.1
Build [Released: June 18, 2009]

  • Added: full Adobe Flash CS4 support
  • Fixed: several bugs in Action Script 3.0 decoder

Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.0
Build [Released: April 28, 2009]

  • Added: Adobe Flex files support in beta mode
  • Added: different file icons for Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex files available after decompilation
  • Added: while converting Flex projects, resources are extracted into folder where corresponding .as file is placed  (for Flex only)
  • Added: “Recover arguments’ names” option can be now applied to Action Script 3.0 too
  • Added: initial Adobe Flash CS4 support (only Fla-format, components base and file opening)
  • Improved: FLA conversion options
  • Improved: Action Script options for both preview in player and conversion can now be managed in “SWF Decompiler Trillix Options” menu item of the program’s Main menu.
  • Improved: Action Script 3.0 engine
  • Multiple interface improvements

Flash Decompiler Trillix 3.2 
Build [Released: October 17, 2008]

  • Fixed: program failure while converting some types of files (bug with sound processing)
  • Fixed: some misprints
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements

Flash Decompiler Trillix 3.2 
Build [Released: July 31, 2008]

  • Added: static text editor
  • Added: bounding box editor for texts
  • Added:”Use system font” option to the dynamic text editor
  • Improved: FLA writer stability
  • Fixed: thumbnails background color
  • Fixed: bug with scrolling big objects in the player
  • Fixed: double negation fix in AS3

Flash Decompiler Trillix 3.1 
Build [Released: June 9, 2008]

  • Added: basic “with” construction is supported
  • Added: labels in loops are supported
  • Added: “Select all/Deselect all” options in context menu in “My Tasks” list
  • Improved: great amount of AS3 fixes
  • Fixed: minor bugs in AS3
  • Fixed: several bugs and glitches

Flash Decompiler Trillix 3.1 
Build [Released: April 22, 2008]

  •  Added: full Flash 9 support
  • Added: AS3-based components support
  • Added: hot-keys (CTRL+O – for files opening and CTRL+S – for files saving)
  • Added: Japanese, Russian localizations
  • Improved: stability of SWF files playback
  •  Fixed: minor bugs in AS3
  • Fixed: several bugs and glitches

Flash Decompiler Trillix 3.1 BETA 
Build [Released: March 17, 2008]

  • Added: try-catch-finally and switch statements in AS3 decoding mechanism
  • Improved: SWF to FLA conversion is much faster now
  • Fixed: bug with unicode text selection in AS window
  • Fixed: bug in FLP format files forming for AS 2.0
  • Fixed: several other bugs and glitches

Flash Decompiler Trillix 3.1 BETA
Build [Released: February 14, 2008]

  • Added: Flash 9 support (currently in BETA stage)
  • Added: ActionScripts 3.0 support (expressions, classes, functions, ifs, loops)
  • Added: Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Swedish and Turkish localizationsn
  • Improved: SWF to FLA conversion is much faster now
  • Improved: work with temporary files
  • Fixed: minor bug in FLA version detection
  • Fixed: bug in MP3 decoding mechanism
  • Fixed: several other bugs and glitches

Flash Decompiler Trillix 3.0
Build [Released: November 16, 2007]

  • Added: Flash 9 (both Adobe Flash 9 Alpha and Adobe Flash CS3) support in AS 2.0 components
  • Added: explorer context menu integration
  • Added: “Decode all classes as dynamic” conversion option
  • Added: size of installer package was decreased
  • Added: shortcut to “Save Flash Movie” manual
  • Removed: “Decode mx classes” conversion option
  • Fixed: bug in incorrect compression format setting in FLA-writer
  • Fixed: minor bugs and glitches

Flash Decompiler Trillix 3.0
Build [Released: October 16, 2007]

  • Added: ability to save all current tasks before closing Flash Decompiler
  •  Added: now Flash Decompiler works on computers with enabled DEP
  • Added: Polish localization (thanks Liquid)
  • Added: “General” tab in the options with new “Save tasks” checkbox and three buttons to reset panels’ position
  • Improved: “Manage” tab design by reordering several buttons
  • Fixed: bug in memory management while opening Flash files with video
  • Fixed: several minor bugs and glitches

Flash Decompiler 3.0
Build [Released: October 2, 2007]

  • Added: German, French, Spanish localizations
  • Improved: conversion of Flash files, which contain video to FLA file format
  • Improved: enhanced progress bar (progress indicator added to several Flash files adding/clearing to/from “my Tasks” list)
    ActionScripts 2.0 engine improvements (detection of member variables, setters and getters, added workaround for return in setter)
  • Interface improvements, through adding new buttons for your convenience (Preview & Open, Quick actions, Show/Hide)
  • Improved: SWF to FLA conversion is much faster now
  • Fixed: minor bug in P-code building and decoding engine for ActionScripts decompilation
  • Fixed: bug in SWF background color detection algorithm
  • Fixed: bug with fonts representation in interface, while using different localizations

Flash Decompiler 3.0 
Build [Released: September 17, 2007]

  • Improved: sprites are extracted as timeline, so you are able to rewind sprites in main player now
  • Improved: software protection engine enhanced
  • Interface improvements in Windows Vista
  • Fixed: bug in “Save/Save as” option
  • Fixed: some minor typos in interface

Flash Decompiler 3.0 
Build [Released: September 10, 2007]

  • Totally new SWF to FLA conversion engine
  • Absolutely re-designed more flexible and powerful interface
  • Batch decompilation mode
  • Full support of Flash 8, and partial support of Flash 9
  • Now you can edit dynamic texts and links in your Flash movies
  • New P-code building and decoding engine for ActionScripts decompilation
  • Global ActionScripts search
  • FLP (Flash Project) files creation when possible
  • Better support of ADPCM sounds
  • Resulting FLA files with more than 32K objects can be properly edited in Adobe Flash now
  • New extraction formats were added for videos and other Flash objects
  • Conversion, decompilation and editing routines take less time now
  • Frame bounds are set equal to object bounds in SWF extraction
  • Many bugs in ActionScripts decoding fixed
  • Image extraction stabilized
  • Better support of extracting videos coded with On2 Truemotion VP6 bistream
  • Unfortunately, we don’t support for Windows 98/Me/NT4…

Flash Decompiler 2.9
Build [Released: October 24, 2006]

  • Significantly improved application’s speed and stability
  • Motion tween handling mechanism is changed (“Length factor” option is introduced)
  • Greatly improved Flash Components decoding algorithm
  • Flash resources searching mechanism is revamped
  • “Resource Bar” focus behavior is fixed
  • “Invalid floating point operation” bug while opening “Font” group in “Resource Bar” panel is fixed
  • Few typos in various localizations are fixed

Flash Decompiler 2.9
Build [Released: April 3, 2006]

  • The bug related to reading/openning broken (not fully downloaded) SWF files is fixed
  • Session settings are correctly read now while launching Flash Decompiler
  • The bug related to saving steaming sound in sound replacer is fixed

Flash Decompiler 2.9
Build [Released: 16th March, 2006]

  • New and improved engine to convert Flash files into FLA is introduced
  • ActionScript’s convertion engine is updated
  • Localization languages are extended (German, Turkish, Macedonian and Ukrainian are added)
  • Storing and separating issues for multiuser accounts

Flash Decompiler 2.6
Build [Released: 7th November, 2005]

  • Fixed the bug with long full paths to SWF file. Now you could use up to 260 characters long path
  • Dynamic Text objects handling is corrected
  • Timeline ActionScript, Labels and Event sounds placement algorithm is improved

Flash Decompiler 2.6
Build [Released: 28th October, 2005]

  • Algorithm for 8-bit BMP images compression was fixed
  • Multi-line static text conversion algorithm is improved (“New line” symbols are handled correctly)
  • Some improvements were made to ActionScripts handling
  • Static text bound box expansion slider added

Flash Decompiler 2.5
Build [Released: 3rd September, 2005]

  • Multi-user parameters saving support is added

Flash Decompiler 2.5
Build [Released: 5th August, 2005]

  • Fixed a bug handling ActionScripts
  • Streaming sound small bug fixes
  • Bulgarian localization is added

Flash Decompiler 2.5
Build [Released: 22nd July, 2005]

  • Fixed a bug with ActionScripts handling
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes

Flash Decompiler 2.5
Build [Released: 5th July, 2005]

  • Flash Video can be exported into AVI (with or without compression, with or without sound)
  • Frames can be exported into FLA
  • Now supports long texts within Flash 6
  • Plenty of internal enhancements
  • Minor fixes

Flash Decompiler 2.1
Build [Released: 16th May, 2005]

  • Several ActionScripts decompilation fixes
  • New algorithms to decode incorrectly written and damaged shapes

Flash Decompiler 2.1
Build [Released: 20th April, 2005]

  • Minor decompilation engine enhancements
  • New superior algorithm for 8-bit BMP images conversion added into SWF Replacer
  • SWF Capture Tool updated

 Flash Decompiler 2.1
Build [Released: 14th April, 2005]

  • New localization added
  • Some internal stabilizations and fixes
  • Enhancements under Windows 98

Flash Decompiler 2.1
Build [Released: 29th March, 2005]

  • SWF-to-FLA conversion engine enhanced
  • Some stabilizations

Flash Decompiler 2.1
Build [Released: 14th March, 2005]

  • FLA conversion engine updated
  • Several internal enhancements
  • New demo limitaions

Flash Decompiler 2.1
Build [Released: 3rd March, 2005]

  • Large icons bug in List view fixed
  • Correct unloading on exit
  • Several stabilizations with HyperThreading processors

Flash Decompiler 2.1
Build [Released: 1st March, 2005]

  • Embedded video is now correctly converted into FLA and placed on the timeline
  • Installation enhanced: new installation options
  • Uninstallation now correctly removes SWF Capture Tool
  • Several internal corrections
  • New cache-mode for Thumbnails view, faster preview and refresh

Flash Decompiler 2.0
Build [Released: 24th February, 2005]

  • Background color changing bug in SWF Replacer fixed
  • Fixed memory bug during conversion into FLA format (for SWF files that contain long streaming sounds)
  • ActionScript 2 classes are now stored in sprites after conversion
  • Quick Export now correctly works with export/conversion options
  • Several engine stabilizations and fixes

Flash Decompiler 2.0
Build [Released: 22nd February, 2005]

  • Fixed several issues with Unicode interface parts
  • Arrow buttons and focuses now work correctly in File Explorer
  • Installation will now always find the folder Flash Decompiler is installed to, it will result in easier upgrades
  • ESC now closes most of the dialogs inside the software
  • Some critical fixes in decompilation/conversion engine

Flash Decompiler 2.0
Build [Released: 19th February, 2005]

  • Fixed problem with memory usage when decompiling timeline
  • Conversion to FLA now uses less memory
  • Fixed issue with memory leaks when using Thumbnails view
  • Now Hints over SWF files will show FPS rate, compression, SWF version and frames count
  • Several stabilizations when working with large files

Flash Decompiler 2.0
Build [Released: 15th February, 2005]

  • Some SWF to FLA stabilizations
  • New option when converting into FLA: “Join same mask layers into one”
  • Export dialog is now faster and features a new Explorer component
  • New demo version limitations
  • Localizations Unicode bug fixed
  • Renewed Resource bar

Flash Decompiler 2.0
Build [Released: 9th February, 2005]

  • Several minor post-release fixes
  • Flash Decompiler SWF Capture button for Internet Explorer is now available and is automatically installed
  • F5 is now used to reload SWF file in Flash Decompiler, CTRL+F5 to refresh File Explorer
  • Czech localization added (Thanks to “@lex” <alex@altre.cz>)

Flash Decompiler 2.0
Build [Released: 7th February, 2005]

  • SWF to FLA conversion
  • New Explorer view style: Thumbnails
  • New hint for SWF files in Explorer with details about the SWF file (name, width, height, size, modification date)
  • Interface completely refurbished
  • New “Export objects / Convert SWF to FLA” dialog
  • ActionScripts decompilation enhanced
  • Resources sorting in Resources bar added
  • You can now set FPS to play your SWF files with inside Flash Decompiler
  • About dialog refreshed
  • Double-clicking a SWF file now opens it in Flash Player
  • Resources sorting in Resources bar added
  • New version check and Support shortcuts added to Help menu
  • SWF info now contains “ZLib Compressed” line which tells you whether the file is compressed
  • Bug with images exported in grey or red fixed
  • Bug with explorer docking panel and Open/Reopen options fixed
  • Plenty of other minor fixes and enhancements

Flash Decompiler 1.70

  • Minor interface enhancements
  • Sounds can now be replaced in SWF files using SWF Replacer
  • New ActionScript tags are now decompiled
  • Plenty of fixes

Flash Decompiler 1.53

  • Morphs can now be exported into FLA
  • Streaming sound support
  • Some bugs fixed including problem with HyperThreading
  • Several engine stabilizations applied

Flash Decompiler 1.52

  • Sounds can now be exported into FLA
  • New hotkey CTRL+A will select all objects in project tree on the active level
  • More flexible project tree manipulations: multiple objects selection with Shift button (select an object, hold down Shift, and click another object anywhere in the tree)
  • Post-release bugfixes

Flash Decompiler 1.51

  • ActionScripts caching (faster decompilation)
  • ActionScripts are now grouped together and are easier to search through
  • Several critical fixes
  • Better errors handling

Flash Decompiler 1.50

  • Texts now can be exported into FLA
  • EXE files decompilation support
  • Quick Export functionality
  • New ActionScripts decompilation engine

Flash Decompiler 1.40

  • NEW SWF replacer as a part of Flash Decompiler: replace colors, images, gradients and more with SWF replacer
  • Shapes and images can now be exported into FLA
  • Combined export into FLA
  • New localizations added: Chinese (Simplified), Swedish, Italian

Flash Decompiler 1.30

  • Now you can create images to preview exported SWF’s, just activate this option during exporting
  • Easily screenshot internal Flash Decompiler’s Flash Player: create stunning images of various SWF parts on the go
  • Shapes highlighting fixed
  • New localizations added: Dutch, Greek

Flash Decompiler 1.26

  • Video can now be exported into FLV files
  • Additional functionality with languages
  • Explorer stabilized
  • Cosmetic fixes

Flash Decompiler 1.25

  • Manual text export in case no export table is available
  • ADPCM Sound export added
  • MP3 Sounds Stream export stabilized

Flash Decompiler 1.20

  • ActionScripts can now be viewed as Actions, pi-code, dump or pi-code+dump
  • Search in ActionScripts
  • Texts can now be exported into: RTF (MS Word Format), TXT, HTML
  • ActionScripts can now be exported to different formats
  • Incomplete video exporting bug fixed
  • Images export enhanced
  • Window caption now stores the current filename and path
  • Decompiled contents can now be exported in numbered files (convenient when importing back into Flash)
  • Customizable automatic items switching speed (Settings -> Frames per second)
  • New Interface Laguages available
  • Decompilation stabilized and is now much faster
  • ActionScripts decompilation now supports more than 50 new tags combinations
  • Some fixes

Flash Decompiler 1.12

  • Now you can view a movie clip as a several frames (can be customized)
  • The player is enhanced with zooming, dragging, etc.
  • Export into PNG format now available
  • ActionScripts are now fully exported
  • Fixes

Flash Decompiler 1.1

  • ActionScripts decompilation enhanced
  • Optimized decompiled ActionScripts lines (postfix, infix representation)
  • ActionScripts are now highlightedSome major and minor fixes

NEW Flash Decompiler 1.0

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