Open new instance of Flash Decompiler

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You can open several instances of Flash Decompiler at a time. You will find it convenient to work with several Flash files simultaneously in separate Flash Decompiler windows which you can drag across your monitor the way you like. Thus you can easily compare, edit, preview, etc several Flash files at a time.

To open two or more instances of Flash Decompiler simultaneously, do the following:

  1. Choose "Open new instance of Flash Decompiler" option from Flash Decompiler menu:

  2. Or select the task in My Tasks list and choose one of the following options from the context menu:
    • Open copy in new window – New Flash Decompiler window will be invoked with the copy of the current task (the task which you selected in My Tasks list). In other words, when you run two instances of Flash Decompiler, the current task will be opened in each of them.
    • Move to new window – The current task will be removed from My Tasks list in one Flash Decompiler window and will be moved to another Flash Decompiler window. Thus, if you run two instances of Flash Decompiler, the task will be opened only in one of them.

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