FlexiHub: Custom Redirection Server. Installation and Configuration.


1. The installation of a redirection server is done by standard means on a corresponding platform.

To install fredd3 on RPM-based platforms, run the following command:

(the command is executed from the directory with the new RPM package)

sudo yum install fredd3-****.x86_64.rpm

2. Make sure the daemon is successfully installed:

sudo systemctl status fredd3

The output example:

fredd3.service - FlexiHub Redirector Daemon
Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/fredd3.service; disabled)
Active: active (running) since Fri 2017-09-15 13:12:29 EEST; 3min 38s ago

Note: If ‘disabled’ is displayed at the end of the second line:

Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/fredd3.service; disabled)

you will need to run the command to enable the autostart of the redirection server upon reboot:

sudo systemctl enable fredd3

Configuring a redirection server.

1. Place the provided configuration file fredd3.conf at the /etc directory. If the directory already contains same file, replace it.

Note: In case you did not receive the configuration file fredd3.conf, please contact our Sales Dept. at sales@eltima.com, providing the IP address of your redirection server and the TCP port for receiving the incoming connections.

2. Run the following command to get the certificate:

sudo /opt/Eltima/fredd3/bin/fredd --getcert

Your redirection server should make a request at the address https://flexihub.eltima.com:8063

3. Reboot your redirection server:

sudo systemctl stop fredd3
sudo systemctl start fredd3

As a result, it should become connected to the FlexiHub central server (flexihub.eltima.com:9063).

Configuring the firewall.

To configure the firewall on a computer with the redirection server:

1. Allow the outgoing connections for the program /opt/Eltima/fredd3/bin/fredd to flexihub.eltima.com and ports: 8063 (HTTPS) and 9063 (TCP / SSL).

2. Allow the incoming connections to the TCP port specified in the configuration file (see above) and the TCP port you specified when requesting fredd3.conf.

Note: A redirection server is connected to the FlexiHub central server at flexihub.eltima.com:9063 for the entire period of its work. If the communication over this channel is interrupted, it will cause disconnections between the nodes connected by this redirection server.

The list of ports used by FlexiHub v.3.0:

Port                    Type                  Sides of connection

12063, 12064    TCP / SSL       client computers (to the central server)

8063                   HTTPS             client computers, redirection server (to the central server)

9063                   TCP / SSL        redirection server (to the central server)

5018                   TCP / SSL        client computers (to the redirection server)

5002                   UDP                  client computers (to eipd)