What’s New in This Version for Recover PDF Password

Recover PDF Password 4.0
Build 4.0.238 [Released: March 26, 2012]

  • Added: possibility to use CPU resources of other computers available on the network to make the speed of password search even higher
  • Added: when a PDF file is added for password recovery, its password is shown right away in case it has been recovered before
  • Improved: program interface for quicker management of password search process
  • Improved: program stability during long-lasting password search
  • Update: Windows 2000 is not supported anymore

Recover PDF Password 3.0
Build 3.0.118 [Released: March 2, 2011]

  • Added: dictionary search for passwords
  • Added: possibility to check for updates automatically
  • Fixed: erroneous saving of decrypted PDF files in Adobe Reader, no matter whether changes were made or not after the file opening
  • Much improved: multiprocessor systems support for even higher speed of password search
  • Improved: decryption for PDF files created by third-party software
  • Updated: file attachments are now saved during decryption (for certain types of PDF files currently)

Recover PDF Password 2.3
Build [Released: June 14, 2010]

  • Added: PDF files decryption is now available in Demo version of Recover PDF Password
  • Added: Russian and French localizations
  • Added: progress bar for decryption process visualization
  • Improved: password recovery and decryption for PDF files, created by third-party software
  • Improved: demo limitations, which are now less strict for better understanding of the program

Recover PDF Password 2.3
Build [Released: November 24, 2009]

  • Added: German, Spanish and Romanian localizations
  • Improved: support of PDF files, created by third-party software
  • Fixed: GUI representation, when nonstandard DPI is set
  • Fixed: application crash during long-lasting password search
  • Fixed: several other minor bugs and glitches

Recover PDF Password 2.3
Build [Released: November 6, 2009]

  • Added: possibility to decrypt a PDF file after one of the passwords – Owner or User – is recovered, and create a new password-free file. If User password is absent, file can be decrypted right away.
  • Added: possibility to decrypt PDF files without password search procedure if one of the passwords is already known
  • Added: possibility to remove your digital signature from a decrypted file
  • Fixed: several bugs and glitches

Recover PDF Password 2.0
Build [Released: April 7, 2009]

  • Added: German localization
  • Improved: overall program stability
  • Fixed: bugs with password search for Adobe Acrobat documents of version 5 and lower and for documents produced by third-party software
  • Fixed: bugs with password search for documents containing some errors in their structure (with two different IDs)

Recover PDF Password 2.0
Build [Released: February 24, 2009]

  • Totally new version