Serial to Ethernet Connector Linux Uninstallation

To uninstall Serial to Ethernet Connector follow these instructions:

Note: The uninstallation process described below concerns uninstallation of the program under user account. You can uninstall Serial to Ethernet Connector under root account as well. In this case you should uncheck “Use password” box (step 3 of this section).

1. Launch the uninstaller script uninstall:

2. Click “Next” button to confirm uninstallation of Serial to Ethernet Connector:

3. In order to uninstall Serial to Ethernet Connector you should give administrator rights to the uninstaller. You must have “sudo” program installed on your computer. The user, who launched the uninstaller, must be authorized to use “sudo”. Confirm that you have rights to run the uninstaller with root privileges by entering the password. If you have “NOPASSWD” attribute in /etc/sudoers file, uncheck “Use password” box.

Warning: using NOPASSWD is potentially dangerous, as any command can be run as root.

Finally, click “Uninstall” button to start the uninstallation process:

4. Click “Finish” button when the uninstallation process is over. If an error occurred during the uninstallation process, you can always save the log and look through it to see what the problem was.

Another way to uninstall Serial to Ethernet Connector is to launch uninstall_evesec script in Terminal. By default it is stored in <path where evesec is installed>/Eltima/evesec/bin/uninstall_evesec. Substitute <path where evesec is installed> with the directory, which you specified during installation. Usually it is either “/usr/local” or “/opt”. If you do not remember, refer to /etc/Eltima/evesec/installPrefix file.

Serial to Ethernet Connector uninstallation via Terminal requires root privileges to run.