Serial to Ethernet Connector runs as a daemon. SEC Daemon is a program that provides access to shared serial ports over the network. 

SEC Daemon listens for connections from other Serial to Ethernet Connector instances, initiates outgoing connections and transfers data from a serial port to network and vice versa.

It is normally started at boot from /etc/init.d/evesec (or /etc/init/evesec.conf on systems using the Upstart init daemon, or /lib/systemd/evesec.service on systems using the systemd).

evesecd can be configured using the command-line options or a configuration file (/etc/Eltima/evesec/config.ini);

Note: the command-line options override values specified in the configuration file.

The command-line options are:

-p, --process - Do not daemonize (run as a usual process)
-l level, --loglevel level - Set default loglevel.  Possible values are: emerg, alert, crit, err, warning, notice, info and debug
-L, --systemd-log - Log to stdout in systemd-compatible style
--group group - Run the daemon with a specified primary group. Default is the primary group specified by password database for the given user
--config path - Load nonstandard configuration file.
--help - Print help and exit.
--version - Print version and exit.