Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have followed step-by-step instructions in User Manual, however, still cannot establish connection. Any suggestions? 

A. Make sure that: 

    1. Both ends have Serial to Ethernet Connector installed and configured. Please, note that Eltima provides the license which allows you to install SEC on two computers
    2. Both serial ports are opened after connection is created and prior to establishing connection (you may use Hyperterminal to open serial port)
    3. Serial to Ethernet Connector is enabled (click corresponding Toolbar button)
    4. IP address and TCP port number are set correctly on both ends of connection
    5. If you are creating virtual serial port on one end, verify that other port’s configuration has “Create this port as virtual (full emulation)” option enabled for remote host
    6. TCP port is not blocked either by your firewall, or by your ISP (Internet service provider). In order to check that, try to telnet remote host on TCP port you specified. Click Windows “Start” button and choose “Run” option. Type in “cmd” to launch MS-DOS prompt. In the new window appeared type the following:telnet remote_host_IP_address TCP_port_numberwhere remote_host_IP_address and TCP_port_number are correct and match the ones you have set in your configuration settings. Hit “Enter” button and try to send anything from remote port to see if you are connected. Additionally, Serial to Ethernet Connector requires that TCP port 8888 and 8889 are opened in order to be able to create connection configuration and establish port-to-port links.
  1. Disable “Create this port as virtual (full emulation)” option when attaching serial port device to real port


Q. When I try to start SEC, I get a warning message “Windows Firewall has blocked some features of the program”. What does that mean?


A. As you understand SEC has to communicate via the Internet to be able to create connection configuration and establish port-to-port links. Sometimes your firewall may block SEC from accepting connections from the Internet or a network. It happens because though firewalls are designed to block only unauthorized access to the Internet (or a network), certain firewalls may conflict with legitimate programs as well. All you have to do is to allow SEC full access to the Internet (press “Unblock” button). Eltima software guarantees that our products do not contain any intentionally designed data to disable a computer program or computer instructions that alter, destroy or inhibit the processing environment.

Q. Are hardware signal lines (DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, RING, ERROR, DCD, etc.) emulated in Serial to Ethernet Connector?

A. Yes, all signal lines are emulated and supported. Same as in real null-modem connection, DTR signal line of the first port is connected to DSR and DCD line of the second port, and RTS of the first port connected to CTS of the second port.


Q. Can I use Serial to Ethernet Connector under virtual machine (VMWare)?

A. Yes, virtual serial ports are fully supported by SoftIce and VMWare, however you may experience some delays due to peculiarities of the virtual machine engine.


Q. Can I use virtual serial ports with my GPS mapping software?

A. Yes, virtual serial ports will be treated as real ports by GPS mapping software.


Q. After creating serial port connections I may see that some of the pairs have connection status: Error (Serial to Ethernet Connector service is enabled). How to fix this problem?

A. The answer depends on what type of connection you are creating. If you are establishing connection between real serial ports, make sure that neither of them is occupied by other application. For instance, you may disable SEC and try to open it using Windows Hyperterminal utility. In case you are connecting virtual port, make sure that other application (VSP AX, Serial Splitter, etc.) hasn’t opened it. If all serial ports have connection status “Error”, then most likely that you have firewall installed which blocks 8888 and 8889 ports (required to create connection configuration).


Q. How to inform developers if I find any problem? 

A. To do it contact our support team.