Serial Port ActiveX Control Redistribution

In case you would like to integrate Serial Port ActiveX Control into your own software, you will have to include sport.dll into your installation procedure.

Installation on client machines

  1. Copy sport.dll into destination folder where your files are located.
  2. Register it in an operating system by executing the command:
    regsvr32.exe sport.dll

Please note that you must be located inside the directory where you have copied the file to or specify the full path to sport.dll file.

Once Serial Port ActiveX Control is registered on a target computer, you can use its properties and methods the same way as of any other ActiveX component.


To uninstall Serial Port ActiveX from a client machine:

  1. Unregister it by running the following command:
    regsvr32.exe sport.dll /u
  2. Remove sport.dll file.
Remember that to be able to redistribute Serial Port ActiveX without any limitations you must own an OEM license. Only the OEM license grants you commercial royalty-free redistribution rights.

Quiet registration

To register Serial Port ActiveX Control incorporated into your software on end-user machines, include the following command into your project code:

regsvr32.exe sport.dll /i:"Name#code"

where Name is registration name and code is registration code.

For example:

regsvr32.exe sport.dll /i:"TEST TEST#xxxxx-W9FC5V-31AXAX-F884EC-WN7G92-X3VXEE-21CFEE-524E94-651198-2A84FA-663C11-xxxxxx"

Redistribution in Internet Explorer

In order to redistribute Serial Port ActiveX Control on the web, create a .CAB file. The .CAB file must contain Sport.dll, Sport.inf and SportReg.dll.

Sport.dll Serial Port ActiveX Control itself
Sport.inf Installation scenario. Sport.inf sample is located in \examples\ASP\CAB\Sport.inf
SportReg.dll Automatic registration of Serial Port ActiveX Control. \examples\ASP\CAB\SportReg\

SportReg.dll is a simple stub for ActiveX which purpose is solely to register Serial Port ActiveX Control.

The source code for given DLL can be found in \Examples\Web scripting\CAB\SportReg folder.

In order to register Serial Port ActiveX, please, replace Name and 0000WJ-222222-00000-QZ04AH-D0DHQP-00000-D5A933-111111-121111-EEEEEE-8D8EFF-000000 values in SportReg.cpp with your registration data.

Newly compiled SportReg.dll should be placed in a CAB file.

Once the steps above are successfully completed, IE will install and register our ActiveX automatically.

For more information about redistribution in IE please read this MSDN page.