Serial Ports ActiveX Control Events Overview

Serial Ports ActiveX Control provides a set of events to control serial port state changes:

Event Brief Description
OnRxChar A character was received and placed in the input buffer
OnCTS The CTS (clear-to-send) signal changed state.
OnDSR The DSR (data-set-ready) signal changed state.
OnRing A RING signal changed state.
OnBreak A break was detected on input.
OnDCD The DCD signal changed state.
OnTxEmpty The last character in the output buffer was sent.
OnRxFlag The event character was received and placed in the input buffer.
OnCommEvent An event of the first or second provider-specific type occurred.
OnCommError A line-status error occurred. Line-status errors are CE_FRAME, CE_OVERRUN, and CE_RXPARITY.
OnLatencyExpiry No data was received during the period, set by SetLatencyExpiry method.
OnPortAdded A new serial port was added to the system.
OnPortRemoved A serial port was removed from the system.
OnChangePortsList The list of serial ports was changed.

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