Receive ASCII File

You can redirect all incoming data, sent from the remote host, into a text file.

To redirect all incoming data into a text file, do the following:

1. Select "File" –> "New session" from main menu to invoke "New session" dialog.

2. Set the required connection settings to match the ones of the remote COM port.

3. Click "Open" button.

4. Select "File" –> "Open port" to open local serial port if it is not opened yet:


5. Click "Receive ASCII file" toolbar button:


6. "Save As" dialog will be invoked where you can select file to save the incoming text stream into. If you select already existing file, you will get a warning that you may overwrite some data.


7. You can choose from several file formats to save the resulting dump: Text File (communication log dump will be saved in plain text), Hex Dump (dump will be saved in text file format in hexadecimal notation) and Hex HTML (dump will be saved in HTML file format in hexadecimal notation).

8. Now the remote serial port can send TXT file.