Send Binary via X-Modem

Advanced Serial Port Terminal allows you to send any file to the remote computer or device over serial port connection using X-modem protocol.

X-modem is a simple file transfer protocol that supports basic error detection methods to ensure that information is not lost or corrupted during transfer.

Advanced Serial Port Terminal X-modem implementation supports X-modem-1K (1024-byte) packet sizes.

Unlike another Advanced Serial Port Terminal option – transferring ASCII files using data streams – this option provides necessary means to send any type of files over communication line. This feature is useful for connecting two computers over null-modem line. Remote host’s responsibility is to be able to receive this file over X-modem protocol.

To send binary file over serial port connection, do the following:

1. Select “File” –> “New session” from main menu to invoke “New session” dialog.

2. Set the required connection settings to match the ones of the remote COM port.

3. Click “Open” button.

4. Select “File” –> “Open port” to open local serial port if it is not opened yet:
5. Click “Send via X-modem” toolbar button:
6. “Open” dialog will be invoked where you can select the file to send:

7. “Send file via X-modem” window will be invoked, indicating the transferring progress:

8. Once the transfer is finished, you will get confirmation message: