What’s New in This Version of Advanced Serial Port Terminal?

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 6.0
Build 6.0.382 [Released: January 13, 2011]

  • Improved: speed of large data chunks processing. Now it works much faster and even more efficiently.
  • Improved: “Clear All Views” option now also resets Read/Write counters in Status bar, additionally to clearing info displayed in Edit, Terminal and Data views
  • Improved: “Stop loop” option now finishes command looping without removing this command from “Send” text field; so you can later restart the loop or send it easily
  • Updated: at least Windows 2000 SP 4 is required for Advanced Serial Port Terminal installation. Support for earlier OS versions is available upon your request only.
  • Added: parameters of the last opened port now become default parameters for the subsequent session
  • Added: export of communication logs into a file is also possible in Edit view now
  • Fixed: program freezing when sending ASCII files over serial port connection
  • Fixed: issue with carriage returning to the beginning of the current line when “Form Feed” symbol was received in Terminal view
  • Fixed: erroneous data transmission via X-modem protocol with Xon/Xoff Flow Control enabled
  • Fixed: issue with carriage going to the next line when “#0D” symbol (Carriage Return) was received in Terminal view
  • Fixed: erroneous behavior of “Line Feed” emulation
  • Fixed: Advanced Serial Port Terminal crash at system shutdown

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 5.5
Build [Released: August 17, 2007]

  • Added: detailed serial port information is now available
  • VT100 functionality improvements
  • Improved: hot keys management
  • Application’s internal engine improvements
  • Fixed: critical bugs in x64 platforms
  • Fixed: other minor bugs and glitches

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 5.1
Build [Released: February 1, 2007]

  • Added: Loop option which lets you send the commands periodically
  • Improved: Program interface underwent several changes
  • Improved: Application code was cleaned up and optimized which resulted in the speed improvements
  • Current state of COM port control line is now displayed and can be easily changed
  • Possibility to launch Terminal from command line implemented
  • Convenience of hex/oct/bin/dec editor in Send Panel is improved
  • The mechanism of sending ASCII files is switched to asynchronous mode
  • COM port parameters can be changed with a single request now
  • Some interface enhancements and bug fixes

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 5.0
Build [Released: September 26, 2006]

  • Added: Ability to save ASCII file into various formats (plain text, hexadecimal text and hex HTML file formats)
  • Added: “Export to” option to “Dump View” context menu to save communication session
  • Added: “Beep on 0x07 char” checkbox into “Preferences” to enable/disable PC speaker on receiving specific characters
  • Improved: “Preferences” dialog is re-designed to improve options layout and design
  • Fixed: X-modem protocol transmission issues
  • Fixed: Data transmission in String mode problems
  • Fixed: Minor bugs in program interface

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 5.0
Build [Released: August 15, 2006]

  • Improved: Application’s stability and speed
  • Fixed: File transmission issues (“file writing failed”)
  • Fixed: Error handling while physically detaching COM port device

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 5.0
Build [Released: June 23, 2006]

  • Added: Information about ASCII file transfer progress is shown at transfer window caption
  • Fixed: Scrolling behavior when application has lost focus
  • Fixed: TCP session termination problem

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 5.0
Build [Released: March 14, 2006]

  • Added: VT100 terminal emulation support
  • Added: You can now manage and send/receive data to/from TCP/IP ports
  • Added: USB serial host driver now connects desktop PC with WinCE-based target device over USB link
  • Added: Commands history is saved for each session
  • Improved: Command aliases system – now it is possible to set up aliases for each particular port

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 4.1
Build [Released: November 5, 2005]

  • The bug that resulted in application hanging while working with serial ports with Hardware flow control enabled is fixed
  • Serial port data handling in “Send” window is corrected
  • “Terminal View” panel color management is corrected
  • Serial port data formatting in “Data View” is reconsidered
  • Now serial port baudrate value can be defined manually

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 4.1
Build [Released: October 5, 2005]

  • Added ability to send hexadecimal characters in a String mode from Send Panel
  • Handling hexadecimal/octal/decimal/binary data in Send Panel is improved
  • Command aliases option to Preference dialog is added
  • Some minor bugs are fixed
  • Interface has undermined some changes

Advanced Serial Port Terminal 4.0
Build [Released: September 9, 2005]

Totally new version.