Work with Advanced Serial Port Terminal from Command Line

Advanced Serial Port Terminal allows you to open serial ports and configure them from command line.

The format of commands in command line is the following:

 [/o comX [params]] [/s comX [params]] … “) 

  • [/o comX [params]] – opens the port X with the specified parameters, where X – is serial port number
  • [/s comX [params]] – opens the session without opening a port

Parameters can be the following:

  • speed,data bits,parity,stop bits,flow control

Some parameters values:

  • data bits: 5 – 8 bits
  • parity: N, E, M, S, N
  • stop bits: 1 or 2 bits
  • flow control: X – means Xon\Xoff
                      P – means hardware flow control
                      N (or none) – thread control is not used

Let’s review two examples:

  1. Terminal /o com5 19200,8,N,1,X /o com6 9600,8,N,1,N – opens 2 serial ports COM5 and COM6 with the specified parameters
  2. Terminal /s com1 – opens new session with closed serial port and default parameters.