Renaming Virtual Serial Ports with Serial Splitter

Serial Splitter is based on Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver, which creates an unlimited number of virtual serial ports in your system. Created ports are located in “ports” group in Device Manager, which means that they are visible and easily recognized by all software/hardware you install.

By default, Serial Splitter names created virtual serial ports as follows: ELTIMA Virtual Serial Port. We are glad to offer you the possibility to change names of virtual serial ports, created by Serial Splitter.

Below we give you the command for renaming Eltima Virtual Serial Ports into Eltima Software Virtual Serial Ports to let you see the procedure and learn how to do it easily. So, you can test ports renaming feature using the following command:

vspdxp_install.exe /c "FE50Eltima Software Virtual Serial Port"

By default, vspdxp_install.exe is located in the folder where you installed Serial Splitter: C:\Program Files\Eltima Software\Serial Splitter 4.0\.

Note: The code (4 symbols) uniquely corresponds to the custom name (in our example to “Eltima Software Virtual Serial Port”). If you execute this command with any other four digits or name, the ports name will be set to default (Eltima Virtual Serial Port).

If you would like to have the ports renamed, start with sending us the name you want your ports to have. We will generate the code which is bound to this name and send it back to you. We assume that the OEM users will be especially interested in this option. The renaming ports option costs USD 300.

When placing the order, enter the full name for the virtual port (the one you want to show up in the Device Manager) when asked for additional details or comments. You can place the order for virtual serial ports renaming here.