What’s New in This Version of Serial Splitter


Serial Splitter 5.0
Build 5.0.125 [Released: September 18, 2012]

  • Added: support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • Fixed: the installation path is now assigned correctly to Serial Splitter Service when installing the application in a different folder during update
  • Fixed: now the registration of the product runs smoothly even if non-Latin characters are present in Registration name

Serial Splitter 5.0
Build 5.0.119 [Released: August 2, 2012]

  • Added: possibility to join several real ports into one virtual for their further automatic switching. This enables applications to get automatic access to the device which is free at the moment among several identical devices.
  • Added: possibility to set permissions for real and virtual ports: now you can allow or prohibit writing to and reading from other direction.
  • Two new functions for bundle management via dynamic link library (for OEM License owners) were added:
    * BundlePortSetPermissions – sets permissions for real or virtual port;
    * BundlePortGetPermissions – gets permissions for real or virtual port.
  • Added: Serial Splitter now logs by what application and with which parameters a virtual port was opened
  • Added: possibility to check for updates automatically
  • Improved: our drivers successfully passed Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) tests and are digitally signed by Microsoft now
  • Internal drivers became more stable:
    – data transmission between virtual ports was improved. This makes data transmission lossless and helps avoid application hanging;
    – data transmission on multicore systems was improved. This helps avoid data distortion and transmission hanging;
    – virtual ports creation now consumes less CPU resources, which is useful when multiple connections are created.
  • Improved: some user interface elements were adjusted to scale appropriately to high DPI
  • Update: Service management via PIPE and Windows Registry is deprecated; Service can be managed via dynamic link library functions only – for OEM License owners

Serial Splitter 4.5
Build 4.5.84 [Released: October 19, 2011]

  • Added: possibility to control serial ports (both on local and remote machines) directly from your own application by executing serial_splitter.dll functions. 64-bit applications are supported as well. – for OEM License owners
  • Added: sample application code for major development environments – for OEM License owners
  • Improved: synchronization of data transmission between virtual ports. Helps achieve lossless data transmission and avoid system hanging.
  • Fixed: failure of switching between hardware profiles in case a laptop was removed from a docking station while Serial Splitter Service was running

Serial Splitter 4.2
Build 4.2.83 [Released: December 14, 2010]

  • Improved: internal drivers for even friendlier Serial Splitter installation
  • Improved: overall program stability on multicore systems
  • Improved: compatibility with other Eltima’s serial port software installed in the same system
  • Improved: real ports, disconnected from the system, are automatically reopened by Serial Splitter after they are back
  • Fixed: memory lack and system crash caused by the growth of event handles, created by Serial Splitter Service during data transmission
  • Fixed: BSOD caused by the NonPaged pool in Kernel Memory growing up to its maximum size during data transmission
  • Fixed: BSOD when virtual serial port is opened with strict baud rate value less than 8 Bd
  • Fixed: cases when virtual port, set as main one on one side, failed to set real port parameters on the other side
  • Fixed: issue with sending/receiving faxes when data is redirected to virtual serial port
  • Fixed: issue with opening real serial port with the same name as virtual serial port, used in a bundle that was later deleted. The issue was present on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Fixed: some rare cases of data transmission hanging
  • Fixed: incorrect reflection of real ports’ names when choosing them from the list for sharing, splitting, etc.

Serial Splitter 4.0
Build [Released: November 19, 2009]

  • Added: There is no need to restart the application already connected to shared serial port after changing the access rights for the application.
  • Improved: data transmission speed
  • Fixed: setting access rights for the application connected to shared serial port on Windows Server 2008 x64
  • Fixed: some other minor bugs and glitches

Serial Splitter 4.0

Build [Released: June 22, 2009]

  • Fixed: data transmission and data integrity on multicore systems
  • Fixed: virtual ports creation on Windows 7
  • Fixed: error message when applying “Delete all” option
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements

Serial Splitter 4.0

Build [Released: June 12, 2009]

  • Fully rewritten version
  • Added: possibility to share one real serial port among several applications
  • Added: virtual and shared ports are available for printers
  • Added: possibility to set custom baudrate values for real ports
  • Improved: complex bundle creation
  • Improved: VSPD and Shared Serial Ports drivers
  • Improved: program stability on multicore systems
  • Totally overhauled interface
  • Plenty of internal enhancements and bug fixes