SWF & FLV Player for Mac OS – Movie Controls

The Movie Controls contain the whole spectrum of options to load and play SWF movies. In addition to the standard player options (play, pause, etc.) it provides few unique options to zoom in and drag, get complete SWF file information, manage built-in volume control, etc.



SWF & FLV Player’s controls are similar to camcorder’s ones. This is made to help you to get acquainted with SWF & FLV Player’s options as fast as possible. Let’s overview all available controls and indicators (shown at the image above):

  • Previous item

This button allows to open SWF movie that was played earlier (located above opened file in the playlist). If the playlist is empty, the current movie will be played from the first frame.

  • Back

Move to the previous frame

  • Play

Click this button to start playing the opened SWF file. Once the movie started playing, “Play” button will change its state to “Pause”.

  • Forward

Move to the next frame

  • Next item

Use this button to play the next playlist item. In case the playlist is empty, the currently opened movie will be played from the first frame.

  • Volume control

This slider allows changing the system sound volume dynamically.

  • Zoom control

Use this slider to zoom in/out of the movie displayed both in Viewer and in Zoom Drawer. Tip: if you want quickly resize back to the original movie window size, please, click “Fit” button (described below) or select “Movie” from the Main menu and choose “Restore the original size” option.

  • File name

This indicator displays the name of the loaded SWF file.

  • Movie slider

This slider illustrates the progress of the SWF movie.

  • Frame number and Total frames

This is more precise method of indicating of the movie progress. It is useful searching/moving to particular movie frame. If you have loaded FLV file in player then instead of the number of frames this control will display the played movie length in seconds (once the FLV file was fully loaded).

  • Repeat

Repeat indicator shows the repeat function state. It may have one of the 3 states: “Repeat off”, “Repeat track” (the currently loaded movie will be played continuously), “Repeat all” (all files in playlist will be played again).

  • Shuffle

This indicator shows whether the shuffle function is enabled. Once it is enabled, all playlist items (if any) will be played randomly.

  • Restore to original size

Use this button to resize the movie to the original SWF file size.

  • Fit window

Fit button resizes the Flash movie to fit the current Viewer size. When the action is completed, you will see the whole movie.

  • Drag On/Off

SWF & FLV Player provides the unique feature to enable/disable dragging capabilities on demand. This is useful if you want to be able to use interactive controls (buttons, URL links, etc.) that your SWF file provides in zooming mode. As the result, our application allows you to zoom in, drag Flash movie to specific window part, turn off dragging and click the required control. On the contrary, if you zoom in/out using the standard Macromedia Flash player, you will be able to use the dragging option only.

  • Zoom Drawer

Zoom Drawer graphically illustrates the layout and size of that part of SWF file which is displayed in Viewer window, compared to the original size. The visible part of the window is highlighted while the rest of the window is dimmed. Additionally, you may left-click anywhere inside Zoom Drawer and, while holding mouse button, movie your mouse pointer to drag the movie inside Viewer window. Zoom Drawer could be closed (hidden), and in order to open it, select “Window” from the Main menu and choose “Open Zoom Drawer” menu option.