SWF & FLV Player for Mac OS – FAQ

How to playback and save Flash video from www.youtube.com?

a) Invoke “Download online Flash movies” dialog window (“File” -> “Download online Flash movies” from the Main Menu).
b) Type in the full path of web address. For instance: http://www.youtube.com
c) Double-click the SWF file in the list of the files (or click “Preview” button) to load it into preview window. Select this file and press “Save” button which invokes the dialog that lets you navigate to the folder where you want a SWF/FLV file to be stored. Once the fle is saved, it is added to playlist.

I have several Flash movies in the Playlist and “Repeat” button is on, however Player doesn’t jump to the next file. What do I do wrong?

Make sure that you have enabled all 3 options in “Go to next play list item if” section of the Preferences dialog. Additionally, you may decrease waiting period by moving “The player stays on the same frame more that” slider in Preferences dialog. That will help SWF Movie Player to determine whether the current movie has ended. However, some SWF files may have ActionScripts that can trick SWF & FLV Player by rewinding current movie (the one that being played) to the first frame and, therefore, it will be played time after time.

Why one of my Flash movies plays constantly despite of the fact that “Repeat” options is disabled?

Some SWF files may have ActionScripts that can trick SWF & FLV Player by rewinding current movie (the one that being played) to the first frame and, therefore, it will be played time after time. We are working on this problem and, hopefully, it will be fixed in the future builds.

SWF file that I play has morphs, sounds, video, images information equal to zero or “N/A”. What’s wrong with it?

More likely that the file you play is not properly downloaded or broken. You may send this file to our support team and we may check it out for you.

Why whenever I use “Download online Flash movies” feature in SWF & FLV Player it doesn’t display any SWF/FLV files on the web page I have supplied, however, if I browse the same site using any browser I may see Flash animation?

Please, make sure that supplied URL, actually, has any embedded Flash resources. It may happen the main page (index.html) doesn’t have any Flash animation but still images instead; however, the other pages that could be accessed from the main page by clicking links could have ones. For instance, that http://some_web_address.com may not contain SWF/FLV files but that http://some_web_address.com/swf.html has the ones. One of the simplest ways to check whether the loaded page has embedded Flash animation is right-clicking Flash animation on the page and checking if the last menu option is “About Adobe Flash Player”. Alternatively, you may check the HTML code of the loaded page on SWF/FLV file extension occurrence.

While playing the Flash movie, I have noticed that SWF & FLV Player consumes significant portion of system resources. How can I fix it?

Zooming interpolation consumes a large portion of processor’s resources and may significantly load your system. In this case we advice, you set Zoom image interpolation value to “None”, Zoom image update frequency to slow or close Zoom Drawer by selecting “Window” from the Main Menu and choosing “Close Zoom Drawer” menu option.

I’m trying to add Macromedia Projector files to Playlist using “Add to Playlist” dialog, however they are not added. What’s wrong?

Please, make sure that the files you are adding have correct type. More likely that those files are not Macromedia Projector files.

I have few files in the Playlist that are marked in red and they are not played. What does that mean?

Those files are not valid or broken Flash files and couldn’t be played.

Why I don’t see the total number of frames when loading FLV files?

FLV files are, usually, just video files that SWF loads on demand. As the result, FLV has different structure and instead of the total number of frames SWF & FLV Player displays the movie length. This information is available only when FLV file is completely loaded into a player.

How may I find out whether I’m using PRO version or not?

Select “SWF & FLV Player” -> “About SWF & FLV Player” option from the Main Menu. If you are using PRO version you will see “SWF & FLV Player PRO” text message in pop-up window. Additionally, in PRO version “Upgrade to PRO” menu option is disabled.