SWF & FLV Player for Mac OS – Playing FLV files

FLV is a Flash Video format which is specially designed to deliver multimedia video to broad audience over the Internet. Usually, it is embedded into SWF file or located elsewhere and called by ActionScripts. Alternatively, it may be broadcasted using streaming server. The main advantage FLV files deliver is a compactness of the interactive on-line animation that has video insets (games, presentations, etc). As the result, Flash movie does not need to include the whole movie but load one on demand.

Indeed, you need a special player to be able to view FLV files. SWF & FLV Player is the only player for Mac OS that lets preview and play FLV. The procedure of opening and playing FLV does not differ from the one of SWF: select File -> Open option from the Main menu and navigate to the file you want to play in a pop-up dialog. Additionally, you may use “Browse URL” option to search, preview and open FLV files at the certain web addresses.

Due to intrinsic differences between SWF and FLV structure, the frame number and total frames values are not applicable for FLV files. Therefore, whenever you play FLV, Movie Controls panel displays the currently played movie time (in seconds) instead.

Similarly, instead of jumping to the specific frame (Movie -> Go to frame for SWF) you may quickly move to the certain time (Movie -> Go to time).