Introduction for SWF Live Preview

SWF Live Preview helps you preview Adobe Flash files using standard built-in Windows Explorer. SWF Live Preview is free of charge!

With SWF Live Preview you can scan directories and subdirectories for Flash files, create and preview thumbnails for SWF as well as Projector EXE files, fetch information such as Flash version, number of frames, shapes, find out if file is compressed or not. You can choose which frame to create thumbnail from.

If you have removed any Flash file from your computer, you can clear cache in order to save some storage space.

If you have other Eltima products installed, such as Flash Optimizer and Flash Decompiler, you can optimize or decompile Adobe Flash files correspondingly.

Features list:

      • Excellent design and easy-to-use interface
      • Create SWF file previews from Adobe Flash SWF and Projector EXE files
      • Specify frame you want to create image preview from (by default first not empty frame is taken)
      • Specify image preview size (from 32 to 255 pixel)
      • Easy and convenient way to check SWF file details:
          • in hints
          • in Status bar
          • in File Properties tab
        • in Windows Explorer pane
      • Can be launched automatically at Windows startup
    • Open SWF files in Flash Decompiler and Flash Optimizer directly from File Properties tab

And all that you can get for free! Visit SWF Live Preview page at our web site.