You can configure SWF Live Preview settings by right-clicking its icon in the system tray.

The following options can be configured:

  • “Create previews for directory” – select folder to scan for Flash files (excluding subfolders)
  • “Create previews for directory including subfolders” – select folder to scan for Flash files (subfolders will be scanned too)
  • “Launch SWF Live Preview at Windows Startup” – automatically launch SWF Live Preview at Windows startup
  • “Enable preview for Projector EXE files” – enable/disable preview for Projector EXE files
  • “Clear cached previews” – remove cache previews completely
  • “Purge cache” – synchronize cache by removing thumbnails of unused or deleted Flash files. This will free some storage space.
  • “Choose frame number for preview” – you can choose which frame to use as thumbnail. This option may be useful if the first frames are black or have small shapes that are hard to notice.
  • “Choose thumbnail size” – you can specify thumbnail size (from 32 to 255 pixels)
  • “Check for updates” – check for SWF Live Preview updates
  • “Write to tech support” – contact us using online form if you have any questions concerning SWF Live Preview
  • “User Manual” – read the user manual
  • “About” – view program version, license information, etc.
  • “Disable Thumbnails view for SWF files” – disable SWF Live Preview
  • “Exit SWF Live Preview” – close SWF Live Preview