Start analyzing USB data traffic

USB Analyzer by Eltima monitors incoming and outgoing data of any USB port in your system, or any USB device plugged into your computer, and presents it in a handy format.

To start analyzing USB data traffic, follow these steps:

1. Click New.
2. In the “Start new session” window choose the USB port or device to monitor.


Advanced View displays all the USB hubs and ports in the system detected by USB Analyzer.


3. Set which events should be sniffed:

  • Plug and Play – input/output request packets (IRPs) used by PnP subsystem. Information related to PnP is: hardware ID, instance ID, etc..
  • IOCTL – input/output control requests used by USB client drivers
  • URB – USB request blocks used by USB device drivers
  • USB function – input/output data traffic of USB devices

4. The captured data will be displayed in the main window of the program.
You can jump to a specific line number using ctrl + G hotkey (“Go to Line” dialog).