What’s New in This Version of USB Analyzer

USB Analyzer 4.x

Build 4.0.279 [Released: November 9, 2017]

  • Added: parsing of several descriptors in Device Info:
  • Improved: driver is digitally signed by Microsoft WHQL
  • Fixed: monitoring interruption after editing “Stop options”.
  • Fixed: issue with a cursor moving to the top after “Stop options” triggering while “Autoscroll” is enabled.

USB Analyzer 4.x

Build 4.0.260 [Released: June 23, 2017]

  • Fixed: issues with the app startup on Windows 10.
  • Fixed: minor issues with the demo screen.

USB Analyzer 4.x

Build 4.0.259 [Released: May 26, 2017]

  • Added: log auto saving.
  • Added: an ability to monitor virtual USB devices.
  • Added: an ability to start monitoring of multiple new USB devices.
  • Added: an ability to add markers.
  • Added: binary data export.
  • Added: a context menu for IRPs comparison.
  • Added: displaying the IRP dispatch level.
  • Added: an ability to resize the new session window.
  • Added: an ability to memorize the “Dump data” option for the Export function.
  • Added: displaying of the PNP_LOCATION_INTERFACE interface.
  • Added: power supply transcription in IRP_MN_QUERY_CAPABILITIES.
  • Fixed: saving of the URB filter options.
  • Fixed: switching to another filter in case the applied changes were not saved.
  • Fixed: applying of the In/Out filter options.
  • Fixed: table clearing when the filters are disabled.
  • Fixed: BSOD when WHQL tests run during the monitoring.
  • Fixed: saving changes on quitting USB Analyzer.
  • Fixed: crashing on replacing old items.
  • Fixed: cursor preservation when replacing old items.
  • Fixed: messages displaying when the modal dialogs are opened.

USB Analyzer 3.x
Build 3.0.210 [Released: January 28, 2016]

  • Improved: in Command View the “to HCD” column is now filled out for SELECT_CONFIGURATION requests as well;
  • Fixed: a crash when a SELECT_CONFIGURATION request completes with an error.

USB Analyzer 3.x
Build 3.0.209 [Released: April 21, 2015]

  • Added: support for USB root hubs;
  • Added: exporting logs in .json format;
  • Added: exporting dump data in .txt, .html, .xml, .csv and .json formats;
  • Added: possibility to view device info;
  • Added: new time format settings: difference with the previous IRP and duration of IRP processing;
  • Added: possibility to replace old items in buffer in order to continue monitoring;
  • Added: possibility to stop monitoring upon specified data reception;
  • Added: new Filter and Find parameter – Internal DeviceloControl;
  • Added: new Filter and Find options: min/max size, pipe handle, endpoint address, pipe types, etc.;
  • Added: total monitoring time is now displayed in Status bar;
  • Added: Start/Stop log entries to visualize the total monitoring time;
  • Added: possibility to jump to a specific line number using Ctrl + G hotkey;
  • Improved: incomplete packets with Pending status are highlighted in gray now.