Virtual Serial Port Driver Overview

Virtual Serial Port Driver is an advanced utility, which creates virtual serial ports and connects them into pairs via virtual null-modem cable. Applications on both ends of the pair can exchange data in such a way, that written to one virtual serial port, it can be immediately read from the other one, and vice versa.
Virtual serial ports appear to an operating system or any Windows application as “standard” hardware serial ports, supporting all serial port settings, strict baudrate emulation, HandFlow control and signal lines. Once virtual ports pair is created, virtual serial ports appear in Device manager, moreover, they are available at each system startup, even prior to user login.
Virtual Serial Port Driver can be included into your own software (OEM License), thus providing simple way to create and configure virtual serial ports directly from your application.

Why Virtual Serial Port Driver?

  • Virtual serial ports are absolutely the same copies of real ones – applications won’t see the difference between real and virtual serial ports
  • Real serial ports are not occupied – you can even have no real ports in system at all
  • Link between virtual serial ports is much faster than real null-modem cable connection and solely depends on your processor speed (average transfer speed is about 5.5 Mbytes/sec)
  • Any number of virtual serial ports pairs can be created
  • Virtual serial port may have any name you like, even the same name as real port has
  • Virtual serial ports can be controlled directly from your own application via Dynamic Link Library supplied with VSPD (for OEM License owners)
  • Printers can be assigned to any virtual serial port (available after Windows reboot)
  • Ports are automatically re-created on system reboot (prior to user login)

Features list:

  • Restriction of access to created virtual ports for various applications
  • Strict baudrate emulation
  • Possibility to change names of virtual serial ports, created by VSPD, shown in Device Manager
  • Different virtual null-modem schemes are available: standard/loopback/custom
  • All signal lines are available: DTR/DSR/CTS/RTS/DCD/RI
  • Full support of HandFlow control (Hardware and Xon/Xoff)
  • Virtual serial line connection break emulation
  • Complete information about current virtual serial port state, sent/received data, etc.
  • Windows kernel driver technology support (WDM, WMI, Power Management, PnP, etc.)
  • No reboot is required after VSPD installation, creation and reconfiguration of virtual serial ports
  • Virtual Serial Port Driver and all of its internal drivers are digitally signed

Supported platforms:

All Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019