How to activate VSPD (standard version)

For a guide on a VSPD PRO version activation, click here

Once you have purchased Virtual Serial Port Driver, the activation code will be e-mailed to you shortly. Delivery time may vary depending on your purchase options. The next step is to activate your copy of VSPD:

  1. Launch Virtual Serial Port Driver if it is not running yet.
  2. Select HelpActivate from the Main Menu.
  3. In the invoked window, enter the Activation code you’ve received from us:
    activate your copy of VSPD
  4. Click the Activate button to finish the activation process.

If you don’t have Internet access on your PC:

You can activate Virtual Serial Port Driver manually (offline). You will need to use another PC that is online to get a special activation file.

Do the following:

1. Repeat steps 1-3 of the instructions above.

2. You will get the following message:

Activate manually
3. Click the “Activate manually” button.

4. In the invoked window, read the instructions and click the “Save activation info” button:

Save activation info
5. Save the activation info to a file (it will have the extension .activate).

6. Then bring this file (on a USB flash drive, for example) to any computer which has Internet access.

7. Go to Click the “Browse” button to load the file and click “Submit”.

8. Download the file and bring this file to your PC (where Virtual Serial Port Driver is installed). Repeat steps 1-3 of this instruction to invoke the following window and click the “Load activation file” button:

9. Once activation is successfully completed, you will get a confirmation message.


  1. Virtual Serial Port Driver may be occasionally reactivated in the background to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted license compliance check. This will require an Internet connection as well. If there is no access to the Internet available on your PC, you can reactivate Virtual Serial Port Driver manually (offline) by following the instructions above.
  2. The trial version of Virtual Serial Port Driver performs activation in the background without your interference. No activation code is needed! Activation of the trial version is required for statistics only.
  3. No personal information is collected during activation. Check our Privacy Policy for details.