Web Media Player for Mac OS – Now Playing area

Now Playing area of Web Media Player displays the list of files now played by the Player. The files are played according to the mode you’ve chosen. Press “Repeat” button on Playback controls panel. It may have one of the 3 states: “Repeat off”, “Repeat track” (the currently loaded file will be played continuously), “Repeat all” (all files in playlist will be played again).

Now Playing area consists of several columns:

In general, a rating is your evaluation of the file. To estimate a file you may assign it a star (from one to five) in “Rating” field in Now Playing area.

What is it needed for? Rating may come in handy when you create Smartlist.

You may find it helpful to find out how to:

  • Play files
  • Adjust the volume
  • Customize the Viewer
  • Organize your media files
  •    Add files to playlist
  •    Add playlist
  •    Edit playlist
  •    Add smart playlist
  •    Edit smart playlist
  • Search for tracks in playlist